Saturday, January 29, 2022



Tune in tomorrow when Ezra lectures us sanctimoniously on "fake news."


RossOwesDay said...

Based on this guy's TikTok, I think the city is Winnipeg:

Other recent clips clearly show these Winnipeg buildings:

CC said...

ROD: It is, in fact, Winnipeg. But don't tell Ezra; just let him continue to look like the absolute asshat that he is.

Augray said...

Maybe I'm going blind, but I don't see any actual trucks in this picture.

Anonymous said...

That's definitely Winnipeg...Main Street specifically, looking southward from downtown. You can tell by the train overpass that crosses it, and past that overpass is the Norwood Bridge, which crosses over the Red River. This makes Ezra's claim that it's a photo from the convoy outstandingly hilarious for various reasons:

1) One of the links RossOwesDays posted has the picture/video taken on January 12th, which I'm sure is before the convoy got rolling. Certainly before it got here in the first place.

2) Winnipeg, last I checked, isn't anywhere near Ottawa. Then again, things might have happened while I was asleep. Maybe I should go for a quick drive around here to make sure it didn't move around 2000 km ESE.

3) That's well into Winnipeg, when media reports said that the convoy went around on the Perimeter Highway, which is nowhere near this area.

4) In relation to point #3, while that part of Main Street is part of the Trans Canada Highway (as is the Perimter), it's WAY more convenient (and faster) to take the Perimter Highway around the city, unless they wanted to cause obstruction of traffic in the city itself. The only issues related to traffic the media here talked about was around Headingly, which is just west of Winnipeg.

5) The cars that are causing the possible traffic jam in that photo are heading northbound on Main Street into downtown. Why would the convoy go in that direction? IF they were dumb enough to go through the city via Portage Avenue to Main Street from the west, the convoy should have been heading southbound, likely down St. Mary's Road/St. Anne's Road (which is what Main Street becomes south of downtown) onto Fermor Avenue going east. Going northbound (or through the city, for that matter) would be counterproductive.

6) To say nothing of the fact that if 50,000+ trucks were making their way through a major Canadian city, you'd think we'd kind of notice it, instead of the more likely 100+ trucks (if that).

It's a good thing Ezzy's followers can't think for themselves, or else they might consider questioning things they're told. Note I didn't say they'd actually question things, just take it under consideration.

Anonymous said...

Same anon as above, the video from the link finally loaded properly for me. It was just a still image when I first looked at it. So I'll add a bit more to what I said.

First off, there's police cars sideways blocking traffic, which would seem silly for a convoy moving through the city, but not so odd since Ezra's trying to pass off Winnipeg for Ottawa for whatever reason.

Secondly, at a couple of points of the video, you can clearly see on the left side of the video Union Station, a fairly recognizable Winnipeg landmark. I grant that not everybody knows every city's landmarks and all, but that's why you always check sources and do (actual) research.

At least if you're going to try to pass off one city as another, try to film/get footage of more generic-looking buildings, if that's your (stupid) plan.

Anonymous said...
BTW.. Do you have found something interesting with the TDF documents? ;)