Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sure, that's going to happen.

The burning stupid ...

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Anonymous said...

The whole thing is an interesting exercise. Like the Yellow Jacket movement a few years back, it is not designed to create policy or legislative change. It's a very telegenic strategy; lots of great images, a built-in narrative with real momentum, and a climax. The entire thing is built to create a sense of drama and momentum leading to the final gathering on the hill. The problem is that the Hill moment is going to be a big, damp squib, because there IS no actual outcome, no actual goal - just a set of heroic platitudes.
However, this will mark the moment when Polievre comes out of the closet, claims the movement for his own, "reluctantly" endorses all those recent calls for a review of O'Toole's leadership, and takes over the role of Canada's Prime Rightwingnut. Poor Bernier, having served his purpose in keeping the rage bubbling, will either be gently consigned to dustbin, or quietly promised a face-saving reinstatement in a "re-energized, revitalized conservative movememt" in exchange for a public genuflection to Polievre