Thursday, January 27, 2022


Seriously ...

HMMMMMMMMM ... If the above number of 113 (or so) trucks leaving Thunder Bay as part of the convoy is correct, and if the owner of the Antrim Truck Stop in Arnprior has been told to expect 400-500 trucks tomorrow (Friday), that suggests that there will be a few hundred trucks joining the convoy between TB and Ottawa, perhaps in Nipigon, or Wawa, or the Soo, or Blind River, or Sudbury, or, well, you get the idea. So why does that matter?

It matters because these bloviating windbags have been yammering non-stop about how truckers from "all over Canada" are heading for Ottawa, but the above suggests pretty clearly that it's a tiny bunch of dingbats whose rag-tag collection of semis will be artificially inflated by locals as they get closer to Ottawa. I mean, seriously, what does it matter if some hillbilly from Pembroke jumps into the convoy less than 150 km from Ottawa? Big fucking deal.

So if some even moderately enterprising journo wants to check out trucker heaven in Arnprior tomorrow, what say you keep track of how many of those rigs have Ontario plates? Just so we know how impressed we should be.

BY THE WAY, keep in mind that the FluTruxKlan GoFundMe page has now ticked over six million dollars, even as the evidence starts to mount that this "protest" will be an absolute flop, especially if the majority of truckers are coming from just down the road. In fact, one can easily imagine that some of these yahoos might live close enough that they can get up early Saturday morning, spend a couple hours on the highway to get to Ottawa, wave a bunch of stupid flags and threaten to murder Justin Trudeau, then hop back in their rigs and drive home that same day, meaning that they're going to have precious few expenses to submit, which makes one wonder even more what's going to happen with that $6M.

So, again, if people are keeping track, I think it's important to note where these trucks are coming from, and if the vast majority of plates are simply Ontario or Quebec, well, somebody is going to be getting rich off of this, and it won't be the truckers.

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