Monday, January 31, 2022

Please stop with this "I totally defend everyone's right to protest."

It's getting really tiring to watch every single interview begin with the interviewee's sycophantic pandering to the general principle of, "First, I want to emphasize that I absolutely defend every Canadian's right to gather and peacefully protest ... blah blah blah ...". Yes, yes, we get it, you're covering your ass and supporting democracy and yadda yadda yadda. But can we, for the love of God, understand one thing?

Those idiots had their protest. They came, they gathered, they protested, they blew their stupid air horns, and so on and so on.

So, yes, they exercised their right to protest; now they can all fuck off and go home, since the right to protest does not include the right to continue to protest, day after day after day. You wanted to protest? Well, you protested. You tied up downtown, you paraded around with your Trump banners and swastikas, you danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and urinated on the Cenotaph and invaded the Rideau Centre and shut it down, and defaced the Terry Fox memorial, and you assaulted people just trying to do their jobs and you stole food from homeless people.

You got what you wanted. You protested. Now fuck off already.


Ramirezplayer said...

The CPC:

"We don't support the ones with the Canadian flag with swastikas on it"

"We don't support the ones with the upside down Quebec flag "

"We don't support the ones that terrorized the soup kitchen"

"We don't support the ones that defiled the centoaph"

"We don't support the ones that vandalized the Terry Fox memorial"

"We don't support the ones threatening Trudeau "

"But yeah we went out to support and chat with the test, they are great Canadians"

CC said...

"It's unfair to tar an entire movement based on a few bad apples."

"Let's tar all of Islam based on a few bad apples."