Monday, January 31, 2022

Truckers and math: Um, no.

This is hilarious:

Hey, I know, let's do the math.

First, let's be generous and say the dumbass truckers' GoFundMe fund has $10 million. Oh, fuck it, let's go wild and say $20 million.

Now, assume, say, 20,000 truckers willing to stick it out for two years. No, how about 10,000. Oh, hell, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say just 5,000. So, how does that play out?

How that plays out is 20,000,000 dollars divided up amongst 5,000 truckers, which equals ... precisely $4,000 apiece.  That's right ... each trucker willing to spend the next couple years parked up on the Hill will get all of $4,000, oh, wait, if they're there for the full two years, that's $2,000 per year. So, sure, let's see how many truckers can support themselves and their families on $2,000/year, especially when the organizers wander off with most of that cash.

I get the feeling that truckers really can't do math.


RossOwesDay said...

I'll qualify your last remark and suggest at least the truckers stupid enough to participate in this moronic convoy really can't do math. The other truckers probably can.

jrkrideau said...

Well, if we assume 2 or 3 organizers that should cover Chateau Lauier suites for some time.