Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When you've lost Macleans, that's a bad sign.

When even two of the mainstays at the gaggingly right-wing Macleans turn on you, it's pretty clear that you're down to little more than the screamingly, batshit crazy demographic in terms of support.

I await Stephen Taylor's vitriolic condemnation of Macleans with bated breath.


Ti-Guy said...

Exposing oneself to MacLean's "Blog Central" is like speedballing the entire Boggin' Torees aggregator.

There's no one and nothing worth reading there anymore.

deBeauxOs said...

From MacLeans': "John Baird — not the Defence Minister or the Foreign Affairs Minister, both of whom were present — was sent up to contort his face and project outrage."

The ReformaTory New Government in Parliament: Con jobs and bad theatre.

sooey said...

What the fuck does this line mean?

"Their story has become more believable, but their every action suggests that they themselves don’t believe it."