Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sure, what could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, that sounds like a plan:

Terrorism could actually be solved in one easy step, that should go something like this:

* every time Muslims attack an embassy, an airliner, a hotel, or any other Western target, a prominent mosque somewhere will be demolished.

* one such mosque will be leveled to the ground for every 100 people killed in any terrorist attack by a Muslim; since there were close to 300 people aboard the Northwest flight, if the Muslim terrorist aboard had been successful in his plot, that would have been 3 mosques somewhere in the world that would have been burned to the ground in retaliation.

* mosques in shopping centers or in the suburbs aren’t high-profile enough: we’re talking these lunatics’ most holy, sacred sites…leading all the way up to the Dome of the Rock, Haggia Sophia, and all the sites in Mecca and Medina ultimately, if these people don’t get the message and stop hitting Western targets.

Good thinking. When it comes to getting the attention of Muslims worldwide, there's nothing like blowing up their holiest of holy sites to get them to be thoughtful and see reason.

Let me know how that works out.


M@ said...

The fact that the Hagia Sophia was a Christian church for almost a millennium, and has been a secular building for the better part of a century, doesn't affect things, does it?

Oh, wait, it's internet-tough-guy bullshittery. Obviously things like "facts" don't apply here. My bad.

Frank Frink said...

Just beat me to it, M@

Buddie Dharma said...

Can we blow up some Catholic churches too, please?