Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sorry, what was the job description again?

So what's the deal with the PMO? Oh:

1. The Role of the Prime Minister’s Office

The PMO is headed by the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, and is primarily concerned with advising him or her on political strategy, priorities and liaison, as well as on the political dimensions of policy initiatives, and other issues under consideration by Ministers.

Other principal functions of the PMO include:

* coordinating the Prime Minister’s agenda;
* scheduling and arranging the Prime Minister’s travel plans;
* providing communications services, including preparing speeches and other public statements, and keeping abreast of the Government’s communications activities;
* briefing the Prime Minister in advance of House Question Period, press interviews, meetings and conferences; and
* providing advice on Governor in Council appointments (senior public servants, heads of agencies, Crown corporations, etc.).

And acting like petulant, childish, poo-flinging douchebags. That, too.

The above bit of journalistic fluff has been brought to you by the Jane Taber "Why I'd make an awesome Senator" campaign.

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