Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who would be the right person to mock with this?

Welcome to the Manning Centre for Hermetically-Sealed Wingnut Welfare:

Or, for brevity, Stephen Taylor U, Delisle, Saskatchewan.

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PeterC said...

While funny, it is unfortunate that it portrays "creationists" as country bumpkins. They are not. I've three at work, all highly educated electronics technologists, who are young earthers. They are hip, own Macs, dress sharply and so on.

I'm reminded of the term pagan, which had its roots in the "provincial" folk way back near year 0. To be pagan was to be uneducated in the ways of civilization.

Sometimes people get dirty to do their work, that is perfectly acceptable and if we would only give them their due, we would have many less local yokels. Actually, I've found city kids (I are one.) to be much more likely to accept blindly what they are fed as they have no real experiences until they take the effort to have some. Most of them survive until old age without having made much effort.

I have found, if you take a little effort to open them up, country folk are quite open to a lot of ideas. Remember that many "greenies" have gone back to the land...

Of course, I also know a gentleman who got a "degree" at a Jesus Tech type school and still couldn't really read or write. So, as always, YMMV.