Tuesday, December 29, 2009

About that whole "fascist" label ...

Dear useless, sycophantic, hermetically-sealed Blogging Tories:

If you don't want us to describe Stephen Harper as a thug, bully and dictator, please ask him to stop acting like one.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


PeBo said...

And this is surprising how? We ARE talking about the same Steven Harper who continues to refuse a Common's committee's demands for documents in the Colvin affair! And when memos are released they are redacted...

"We the photographed the individual prior to handing him over, to ensure that if the ANP did assault him, as has happened in the past, we would have a visual record of his condition"

"We then photographed the individual prior to handing him over...[redacted]..."

And then to deny any knowledge of prisoner abuse??? "Fascist" seems mild to be honest.

And the Liberals are where in all of this? How the mighty have fallen! Why is Harper not being held in contempt of Parliament?? As long as we have a Liberal party that is terrified of an election, what can we expect from a PM who is known for getting a hard-on pushing people around!

Metro said...

How about "two-bit, four-flushing, dirty, rotten, low-down, criminal, indiscriminate clod who'd render his own mother for her oil"?

Can we still use that?