Friday, December 25, 2009

Behold, the dumbassitude.

Christ, where to even begin?

IT OCCURS TO ME TO ASK, Jonathan, that if you claim to have taken your country back, will you finally take ownership of all the bad shit that's going down? You know, like that monstrous deficit? 'Cuz if you really want to claim that you took your country back, then it's way past time for you to show some responsibility for what you've done to it.

I'm waiting.


sooey said...

"Because the Liberals were in power for so long, and because Stephen Harper still doesn't have a majority, we spend our days in silent fear that all the Tories' reforms comprise a kind of mirage - that we'll wake up tomorrow with the Liberals back to power, and everything reversed in an instant."

Actually, I think he's sending Canadians a coded signal to VOTE LIBERAL!!

bocanut said...

Merry Christmas

CC said...

And you, too, boca.

Ti-Guy said...

You know, like that monstrous deficit?

You're asking l'il Johnny Kay that? Someone who's made a living at an enterprise that has always operated at a loss and that is part of a media conglomerate that is billions in debt and currently under creditor protection?

Conservatives got *a* country back," but it's not Canada. It's Harperland.

LeDaro said...

CC, you got it all wrong. They have taken country back - few centuries back.

sooey said...

Conservative governments, ensuring citizens have less, one country at a time.