Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Any interest in a free Linux seminar over the holidays?

[Post-dated to hang around up here for a bit.]

A wild and crazy idea, just because I'm around for the holidays and I'll need a break from about 23 other projects. I'm thinking that, some evening during the week after Xmas (most likely Dec 28-30, depending on response), I'm willing to give a 1-2 hour seminar on Linux, possibly at a local pub that has meeting rooms for exactly that sort of thing.

There would be no charge, and it would be targeted at newbies who want a hand installing Linux and doing at least a few basic things, so this wouldn't have much value for serious Linuxheads, but those folks would be welcome to drop by anyway. Folks would be welcome to bring their own laptops for some hands-on experience, or I have a few spares that could be abused appropriately.

This is just a preliminary idea, so I'd need to know who's up for that before trying to book a room. No admission fee, but you'd be expected to at least imbibe for the pub to feel that it's worth doing. The target audience would be relative beginners who might see some basic Linux knowledge as a springboard to another, more exciting career. Or just for the fun of it.

Thoughts? If there's sufficient interest, I'll arrange it and post more details. 'Cuz I'm just that kind of guy. (Feel free to e-mail me if you'd rather not comment.)

JUST TO BE CLEAR, even if you don't have a laptop to use as a testbed, I have a carload of perfectly adequate laptops (that I've used as a mobile classroom) that I can make available if you ask nicely. And a note of caution -- it's still not clear whether this will happen since it's quite possible that everyone will be out of town for the holidays. But if we can get at least a small group, it would be worth doing.


T said...

Sounds good.

Any idea of the topics you'll cover or will it be freestyle questions from the crowd?

CC said...

The first part would be a careful walkthrough of a full install from scratch, with careful attention paid to interesting options along the way. After that, it would be pretty much free-format.

T said...

This installation walk-through would focus on desktop or server setup?

CC said...

Pick one. Once you get to the software selection screens, you can select what you want.