Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yes, Kate ... why don't you go into battle to protect your reputation? Seriously, is anyone in the Batshit Crazy Wingnut-o-sphere still deranged enough to want to tussle with Dr. Dawg? Last time I looked, that never ends well.

: Oh, man ... this has MASSIVE potential entertainment value. I would like to put Canada's Progress-o-sphere on full comedy alert to start collecting their favourite Kateisms over the years. You know, where she publicly asked drug addicts to kill themselves, that sort of thing.

Screenshots would probably be a good idea.

NOW HERE'S WHAT'S WEIRD: Frankly, it's not at all clear what has Kate in such a panty-bunching snit. Dawg simply suggested that Kate was quietly cackling with glee over the murder of dozens of journalists, and anyone who's followed Kate with any regularity over the years would not find that attitude of hers surprising in the least.

Kate McMillan is the undisputed queen of Canadian bloggysphere eliminationist rhetoric (well, OK, Kathy Shaidle would give her a run), and taking pleasure in the misfortune, injury and death of people with whom she disagrees ideologically is, quite simply, Kate's entire shtick. It's what she does; it's just Kate playing to her drooling, mouth-breathing base. So for her to take offense to someone suggesting this now strikes me as just plain odd.

Kate McMillan's built her entire online career on wishing ill or death on entire demographics. For her to get all snippy when someone calls her on it seems wildly inappropriate.

BONUS TRACK: For someone who finds dead journalists mildly entertaining, Kate seems to have no problem taking an MSM gig when she can get one. I wonder what her fellow National Posties think of her opinion of them.


Ti-Guy said...

Ah, memories.

She claimed the hate speech issue was an existential threat to the Canadian blogosphere? Well, we'll never know since it got quickly overtaken by all the libel the hate speech spewing morons moved to in record speed.

As an aside, I hadn't realised Ghost of a Flea had been so disturbed for such a long time.

M@ said...

Dawg's latest update is hilarious. Kate threatens him with a libel suit, and he responds by providing proof for his statement, and pointing out that she has libelled him in return. And her response is to say she regrets saying she was sorry his wife died.

I don't have a DMS handy, but if Kate isn't by its definition a psychopath, then it is not of use to us as a society.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, well that doesn't surprise me at all. Whenever any of these moral imbeciles makes a grand gesture sympathy or charity, we all know it's just for show, since they are truly incapable of such feelings.

What a repulsive human being she is.

sassy said...

What a repulsive human being she is . . . repulsive YES (even an understatement), human being, not so much.

Dr.Dawg said...

Kathy Shaidle gives Kate a run for her money.

Cameron Campbell said...

My guess? She's going to try and make the leap from unpaid nut to paid nut, thusly officially becoming a dread journalist.

In a moment of self-preservation she's realized that if she is laughing at the deaths of her colleagues she'll never have anyone to sit with at lunch...

Balbulican said...

Another funny/depressing contradiction about these folks. Their entire self-definition requires that they be taken seriously as purveyors of information and insight, replacing the collapsing MSM. This belief needs a lot of collective propping up, and much of the "dialogue" on their sites consists of desperate affirmations of each others' importance.

But the moment one of them actually gets a gig in real media - a national post column, a slot on a real TV show - they're gone like a shot.

It's like a bunch of off-Broadway hacks reassuring each other that they don't really WANT to be discovered...until they are.

Ti-Guy said...

Didn't KKKate once exhort her readers and fellow wingnut bloggers to be unafraid of being mistaken and wrong? I'm sure this was in the context of boldly and robustly vilifying other people.

Well, there you are.

Christ, most of us learn these little lessons in morality and ethics by the time we finish high school. Just what goes on with these people?

sooey said...

Phff. All of their commentary is just made-for-tv reaction to what they perceive as being "the left". Read their comments in isolation and it's like free association hour on Ward 8 at the Mental.