Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The perpetual boorishness of Kate McMillan.

On a real roll of ugliness lately, Canada's Lowest Common Denominatrix Kate McMillan gets her giggles from a talk show during which host Dylan Ratigan launches into a sputtering tirade directed at his Democratic guest:

Here's the actual YouTube:

Curiously, Canada's Right seems to have no trouble with people shrieking at female progressives.

Unlike Kate, however, host Dylan Ratigan eventually realizes that he's been a jerk.

Blogging Tory Kate McMillan: You can find her in the dictionary between "classless" and "douchebag."

Think about it.

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Ti-Guy said...

Oh, let ol' KKKate have that minor incident of non-wingnut intemperance. It's so rare and precious an even for her and her cohort of screeching, torture-loving, journalist-murder-approving proto-fascists.