Monday, December 21, 2009

No, stop, you're killing me!

Blogging Tory "Back Off Government" brings the irony:

A Cardinal That's About To Be Silenced

Welcome to Hugo Chavez's Venezuela:

"This is a very complex issue, but there is no doubt that there are people in prison simply because they are accused of some crime simply because they do not agree with the political agenda of the national government..."(link)

There's only part of Cardinal Urosa's remarks that I disagree with. This isn't a "very complex issue." He's being to generous. It's very simple. Hugo Chavez is a power maniac that is recklessly bringing his country to ruins.

Damn straight, because here in Stephen Harper's Canada, you need never fear any sort of vicious retribution based on your ideological or political position and ... and ... oh, wait.

Never mind. My bad. Carry on.

P.S. The description of someone else being a "power maniac that is recklessly bringing his country to ruins" is just a bonus, wouldn't you say?

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Mike said...

Lately, spurred on by someone's characterization of Chavez as a "strongman" dictator, I decided to look into the Chavez government's human rights record.

Well, whaddaya know? A look at Amnesty International's annual report shows rights concerns, to be sure. But compared to, say, Saudi Arabia's, Venezuela's record of late ain't so bad. No death penalty in V, more than 100 executions in SA in 2008. Lotsa torture in SA. In V ... not so much. Concerns about women's rights in V, but nothing like the oppression of women in SA. No mention of any prisoners of conscience in V, but several in SA.

Yet Venezuela is demonized in the good old US of A, and Saudi Arabia is a valued partner. Go figure.