Thursday, December 24, 2009

Geez, Mark, hyperbolize much?

As befits a member of the Blogging Tories, BT "shlemazl" casts a delightfully wide-ranging net:

Just wondering how long it will take for the lefty crowd to get upset about the ACTUAL case of racial discrimation in Bosnia.

Then again... Might take a while - they can't be seen to be siding with them "evil zionists".

Here's a thought, Mark -- given how you and your fellow BTers seem to carefully avert your eyes from all manner of civil and human rights abuses, it's pretty rich to be standing on that moral high ground of yours, lecturing us.

It's very possible, Mark, that Canada's progressives might take some time to get to your particular pet atrocity, but only because they're so busy documenting all of the other ones that you kids choose to ruthlessly ignore.

So here's some advice, Mark -- when you start giving a crap about, oh, Canadian citizens stuck in foreign countries and abandoned by your party, then maybe, just maybe, you can hector the rest of us.

Does that work for you, Mark? Hmmmmmmmmm?

AFTERSNARK: If you really want to know what kind of hypocritical wank Mark is, I offer you this. Apparently, even when I remove vile anti-Semitism from my comments section, it's only a cleverly choreographed act to score "brownie points."

That's why it's pointless to try to engage these people. They are good for mockery, nothing more.

OH, DEAR: Apparently, some people don't appreciate high-quality snark. Movin' on, then.


Dave said...

And, {Ahem!) Mark has suddenly locked out of his blog anyone who he hasn't personally invited.

The lad appears to have an issue with literary criticism.

Marky Mark said...

Why aqre you referring to him by a name other than his blogging name?

CC said...

Um ... because it is his name, MM. Is there a problem? Or are you about to suggest that it's uncool to identify, by name, Canadian bloggers who prefer to remain anonymous?

Is that what you're about to suggest, MM? Oh, please, dear God, tell me that's what you're about to suggest. The hypocrisy might give me a coronary.

Marky Mark said...

Yes that's my point. Your post about CS is based on that person commenting on your blog. Here shlemazl posted on his own blog and apart from engaging on the merits you appear to be making an outing threat designed to intimidate.

Dr.Dawg said...

Leaving aside the obvious point that the outing of CC was greeted with joy and applause by the starboard side of the blogosphere. Fair's fair, Marky, although I don't see any threat here at all.

CC said...

My dear MM. I can assure you that I've posted nothing about Mark that he himself did not place in the public domain all by himself.

And, seriously, are you trying to hang your defense on whether or not someone commented on someone else's blog or not? Really? Is that the foundation of your argument? Oh, man, you so need to read up on the last several months in the Canadian blogosphere.

Marky Mark said...

CC, I read your post on CS as saying that you don't agree with or like outings, but because you were being abused in your own comments section, you were going to resort to that weapon as an exception. So if you generally are against outings, and shlemazl hasn't done what CS did, I didn't understand why you were going there.

Dawg, yes I know CC was outed and that there was joy in certain quarters. But I thought CC's reaction was to rise above it and not respond in kind. I thought he also asked people here not to do that to exact revenge on his behalf.

I may not have followed all of the ins and outs here over the last several months, but think we can all agree that a result where everyone descends to non-ideas based responses to blog posts isn't good.

CC said...

MM opines:

I may not have followed all of the ins and outs here over the last several months, but think we can all agree that a result where everyone descends to non-ideas based responses to blog posts isn't good.

No, MM, where we all agree is that classless, vindictive behaviour on the part of Canada's Wankersphere is to be celebrated, but "Lefties" doing the same thing is to be frantically and vocally condemned.

Oh, and as I said, I posted nothing that Mark himself didn't post publicly himself. So put a sock in it, OK? Your concern trolling is seriously off-putting.

Marky Mark said...

I think you misunderstand me

...but Merry Christamas!

KEvron said...

what is with socky sock always toting douchenazl's water?