Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jason Kenney: EPIC FAIL!

The Toronto Star throws wide the doors to the letters section to accept KAIROS-related feedback from ... Jason Kenney:

... I did not accuse KAIROS of being anti-Semitic. What I said was that KAIROS has taken "a leadership role in the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (against Israel)." In fact, Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno's own research led her to the same conclusion. She wrote that KAIROS has taken "a leading role in divestment, sanctions and targeted boycotts of Israel," and said those who deny that are "disingenuous and dissembling."

Luckily, your humble scribe (uh, that would be me) already disemboweled that particular lie three days ago.

It should impress you how I'm right about everything all the time. It impresses me but, then again, I'm probably easily impressed. Ooooooh ... kittehs!

(Wag of the tail to matttbastard, who also pointed out this. It sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it?)

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Greg said...

My question is this. Since Kenney is both a liar and is accusing the Roman Catholic Church of being antisemitic (since they are part of KAIROS), why is Kenney still allowed to take Holy Communion? Surely, lying and smearing the church are much more serious sins than say, voting for same sex marriage? I think Kenney's bishop, Bishop Henry, should have a word with the Minister.