Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who will be the first Blogging Tory to go Charles Johnson?

Over the last few years, there have been some entertaining and high-profile defections from the festering swamps of right-wing crazy. There was Balloon Juice's John Cole, who finally had enough of the GOP. More recently, there was LGF's Charles Johnson, who couldn't do it anymore, either. Which inspires the obvious question -- is there a single member of Canada's Blogging Tories who will finally snap from the overwhelming hypocrisy and corruption to say he's mad as hell and won't take it anymore?

I'm not talking about just expressing a couple reservations regarding the creepy fascism of Stephen Harper. No, I'm talking about throwing up one's hands in disgust and walking away. Is there a single BT with an ounce of principle left who's willing to stand up for simple democracy? Or are they all too far gone for that?

That won't happen at the top, of course. No one expects a show of principle from Stephen Taylor, who seems immensely comfortable these days with a buttload of wingnut welfare and as much Stephen Harper dick as he can choke down to keep him happy. But lower down the ladder? Integrity, anyone? Really, it will be amusing to see if there's a single principled conservative left in this country.

And now, we wait ...


Unknown said...

I predict not a single one. Same as Charles Johnson, no Blogging Tory will exhibit the slightest conscience or principle while their party is still in power.

Metro said...

"Is there a single BT with an ounce of principle?"

Fixed that for you.

Heh, WV = "spanklep"