Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ezra wants to lecture you on class and decorum.

And after a petulant and whiny column about how Christians are so gosh-darned hard done by, pathological liar and hypocrite Ezra Levant ends with this bit of breathtaking classlessness:

Those principles are being attacked. Sometimes frontally, as with the latest assault from the Supreme Court.

Sometimes subtly, as with the advent of "seasons greetings" and "winter holidays." There are many solutions needed. But the simplest is to start saying "Merry Christmas," and correcting those who don't.

Good thinking, Ezra, because if someone wishes for you, in all sincerity, a happy holiday or season's greetings, the proper response is to be a total fucking asshole and presume to correct them.

If someone tries that on your humble scribe, I guarantee it would be the last time they tried something so idiotic and condescending.

Dear Ezra:

AFTERSNARK: I am massively amused by the idea that the people who are utterly indifferent to Canadian citizens marooned overseas or war crimes committed when we turn over prisoners to be tortured are the same ones now freaking out when someone wishes them "Happy Holidays."

Fucked up priorities, anyone?


Balbulican said...

"But the simplest is to start saying "Merry Christmas," and correcting those who don't."


I hope - I REALLY hope - that statement is tongue in cheek - a parody of the worst excesses of the most self-righteous political correctness.

CC said...

So you're proposing that Ezra Levant has a sense of humour? Really? Are you sure that's a road you want to go down?

Noni Mausa said...


I have NEVER had anyone "correct" me for saying Merry Christmas. Never ever.

But this year about half the people I've had occasion to say "Merry Christmas" to, have said something like "I hope you don't mind if I say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays ha ha." or "I don't care what they say, Merry Christmas."

Those apology apologists have a lot to answer for, sowing smug, obligatory and completely risk-free pride among the general public, who would otherwise just say Merry Christmas and get on with their holiday. What jerks.

Let's ship those apologists (not the infected general public, just the idiots who originated the attack-on-Christmas myth) to some country where being a Christian is a real risk -- like say Iraq, where something more than half of the Christian population has essential been wiped out or driven out in the last seven years.

"There is no specific statistics about the total population of Christians in Iraq. Their population before the U.S. invasion of that country, in 2003, was estimated to have been about one million but since then because of bombing of their churches, killing, kidnapping and other terrorist attacks against members of the community, by the Islamic fanatics, more than half of the community has been forced to abandon its homeland and seek refuge in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries."

Lindsay Stewart said...

i witnessed a tinsel bedecked, morbidly obese, waddling billboard of xmas kitsch, replete with blinking rudolph pin, santa sweater etc get lippy with a cashier at the valuemart. it boggles the mind that someone can take offense at being wished happy holidays but to her credit the cashier merely smiled and looked the bloated xmas pig in the face and said, "but i am hindu". the gigantic, ignorant hog sniffed, collected her bags and waddled off without so much as a thank you. classy.

CC said...

Wendy Sullivan's in town? You could have warned me.

sooey said...

Happy Fucking Boxing Day, everybody!

Robert McClelland said...

So basically Ezra, a Jew, is being subservient to Christianity. It makes me wonder why he simply doesn't just convert since he clearly believes Christianity is superior to his own religion.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm really having a hard time believing Ezra Levant is exposed to many people expressing good cheer to him in any form, outside of his clique of back-slapping "peers."

I can't even give him credit for being so provocative: Canada's Prime Arbiter of Official Jews dictating what the forms of secular greeting should be with respect to a Christian holiday, since he just copied that from the American Christian Right.

Here's my holiday greeting to Levant: Lick my arse, Ezra.

sooey said...

It's Christly Merrymas now, anyway. Gawd, could Ezra Levant be any more yesterday?