Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Memmmmmmmmories ...

Once upon a time, Michael Ignatieff simply stated that he would not categorically rule out an increase in the GST, and there was much shrieking and yowling in the Canadian Idiot-sphere, including dishonest accusations that Ignatieff had vowed to raise the GST. Hmmmm ... what ho?

Harper hopes carbon tax not in Canada's future, but won't rule it out

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has refused to rule out a carbon tax for some time in the country's future, sending Conservative spin doctors scrambling to reframe his comments.

Stephen Harper has promised to impose a carbon tax on the country. You read it here first.

: Mentarch does the heavy lifting.


Frank Frink said...

I'll look for that one on Hunter's list of 'Harper Accomplishments'.

CC said...

Not Hunter. Sandy Crux. Although Hunter does like to pimp that list on occasion.

Frank Frink said...

Yeah. With so much densitude congregated in so small an area it's sometimes difficult to tell them all apart. Especially after 2am PST.

It's still going to be a 'Harper Accomplishment'. That's a lock.

Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

Thanks for the h/t, CC.

Happy holidays and a happy new year 2010 in advance to you, the whole of the CC HQ crew and to everyone else!