Monday, December 21, 2009

Rosie DiManno: Useful idiot.

Most of the time, The Star is worth reading. And then there's the screeching retardedness of Rosie DiManno. I'm assuming The Star has a journalism program for the intellectually deficient, just so they can feel like useful members of society.

WHAT A DOUCHEBAG: Try to believe that anyone could write something this unspeakably inane:

Let's try to be fair on one point. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney didn't explicitly accuse KAIROS – the Toronto-based ecumenical activist group – of being anti-Semitic in remarks last week at the Jerusalem-hosted Global Forum for combatting anti-Semitism.

What he said was: "We have defunded organizations, most recently, like KAIROS, who are taking a leadership role in the boycott, divestment and sanctions against (Israel)."

Hmmmmmm ... DiManno is technically correct. As long as you read only what she quoted above. Hey, I know, let's look at the context, shall we? Here's Kenney, in somewhat fuller glory:

"We have articulated and implemented a zero tolerance approach to anti-Semitism. What does this mean? It means that we eliminated the government funding relationship with organizations like for example, the Canadian Arab Federation, whose leadership apologized for terrorism or extremism, or who promote hatred, in particular anti-Semitism.

"We have ended government contact with like-minded organizations like the Canadian Islamic Congress, whose President notoriously said that all Israelis over the age of 18 are legitimate targets for assassination. We have defunded organizations, most recently like KAIROS, who are taking a leadership role in the boycott. And we’re receiving a lot of criticism for these decisions. I can’t recall how many times I’ve been sued for some of the decisions that we have taken, but we believe that we’ve done these things for the right reasons and we stand by these decisions."

No suggestions of anti-Semitism there, right, Rosie? Fuck, what an imbecile. Can someone just hit her with a shoe?

YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO ACCEPT IT ... Unsurprisingly, DiManno is such a gutless hack that that article doesn't allow comments. On the other hand, it does allow you to "Report an error." So your job is to, naturally, report an error -- namely, that DiManno dishonestly stripped the context of Kenney's remark and that she's a lying douchebag.

Go wild. And, above all, do not be polite.


Ti-Guy said...

I can't remember the last time Rosie Demento wrote anything worth reading.

Her writing style, which lurches from folksy and populist to high-blown grandiloquence, quite often within the same sentence, is insufferable enough.

But that tissue of lies takes the cake. Time for her and Crusty Bitchford to pack it in already. Maybe the two of them can open a bed-and-breakfast somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Toronto Star to respond back.

In the meanwhile, maybe we should wonder why companies such as Future Shop, Jupiter Jack, would want to advertise on the same page as all around douchebag Rosie...

Dr.Dawg said...

Well done. DiManno is a dishonest shill, and you caught her at it.

sooey said...

They're stunt writers, that's all.

thwap said...

The idiot is supposed to draw in readers by being "controversial." But I choose not to buy a paper that prints such an offensive writer.