Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Democracy, accountability and transparency? Eh, not so much.

Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories are on high mauve alert and getting primed with their "Prorogation is teh awesome!" talking points. Here's one of Stephen's BTers, who makes me ashamed to be from Manitoba:

... "Do I appoint 5 new Conservative Senators before January 25th, 2010, and then Prorogue Parliament until January 25th, 2010, which was when we were supposed to go back to work anyway, and on that date, give a new Throne Speech and start a brand new Parliamentary session from scratch? That would scrap a whole bunch of bills on the table already, but would change the face of all the Senate Committees to our favour. And it also wouldn't look like we were trying to avoid 'DetaineeGate.'"

I think I'd like that last option, please...

Good thinking, "Hinchey." Because sodomizing fundamental democracy and giving the Canadian electorate the massive middle finger that way would make us all forget about this Afghan detainee thing. Because we're stupid that way.

Oh, wait, that's not us, that's you. Sorry for the confusion. Carry on.

BONUS TRACK: Yes, the Manning Centre for Building Democracy Boning Democracy Up the Ass fax machines are humming right along. I'm guessing all of the Blogging Tories are on speed dial. At least the stupider ones.

Oh, wait ... that didn't really narrow things down, did it?


Anonymous said...

"high mauve alert"


Hinchey's Store said...
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Hinchey's Store said...

Hey CC! Thanks for calling me stupid and sending some extra traffic my way. I appreciate the vote of confidence!

Oh, and when you put it that way, I'll pass on the sodomy - not my idea of a good time, in any form.

And I don't see this situation as "Giving the Canadian electorate the massive middle finger..." Liberals are just mad whenever their iron grip on Canada is threatened.

Thanks for taking that section out of context pal - the idea isn't to make narrow-minded ideologues such as yourself "forget" about the detainees - the idea is to not put off Parliament until March, as some rumours suggest, which would appear as further stonewalling on the subject.

I guess, judging by the Federal polling numbers in Manitoba that a lot of Leftists like you have left Manitoba - and we don't miss you much...

Frank Frink said...

"...a lot of Leftists like you have left Manitoba..."

Far be it for me to call you stupid even if you do leave yourself wide open for it.

Like none of us of know which party has been in power provincially in Manitoba for the past decade, and most of the past 40 years.

As I said, far be it for me to call you stupid.

Hinchey's Store said...

Frank Frink.

Far be it FROM you to know much about Manitoba's NDP - there was nobody else to vote for here over the last decade. And prior to that, Gary Filmon of the PCs was premier for a decade.

We had a PC leader whose main platform plank last election was a plan to bring the Jets back, and nobody in their right mind would have voted for the provincial Liberals... Heck, I voted for Gary Doer NDP provincially, and I didn't feel stupid doing it.

So that takes care of twenty years of Manitoba electoral history and that's over 2/3 of my lifetime. Far be it FROM you to know what you're talking about.

Metro said...

The really fascinating thing about Toryland is the utter lack of self-awareness.

Father knows best on torturegate. But they all fear the "nanny state."

Proroguing isn't just fine, it's necessary. But a coalition government is some sort of unconstitutional conspiracy.

One could get into the "free speech" vs. "comment 'moderation'" issue, but the irony meter's shooting sparks already.

I'm convinced that if they had the slightest grasp of how internally inconsistent they are they'd all suddenly be standing around shuffling their feet and saying "Yeah, it was a bit stupid, come to think of it now. Dunno why I thought it made any sense, really ..."