Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Reform Party of Canda: At what point are things YOUR fault?

As you can see from that previous post, the entire ideological position of Canada's Blogging Tories can be summed up as, "But ... but ... but ... the Liberals!!" Which inspires us to ask any of these imbeciles: After how many years is it finally your fault?

An American pol (whose name escapes me at the moment) once opined that, when someone new takes power, they normally have a grace period of one year from the electorate to bitch and whine and moan about how everything is their predecessor's fault. But after that year, the electorate isn't interested anymore and wants to see results.

It's now been almost four years since Stephen "Il Douche" Harper took office, and all we hear from his loyal, sycophantic Blogging Tories is "It's the Liberals' fault!" non-stop 24/7. Continuously. Relentlessly.

So it seems only fair to ask: After how many years is it no longer someone else's fault? Really. I want a number. Give me a number. At what point will you folks stop your pathetic buck passing? After how many years will you finally stop blaming someone else?

It's a simple question. I just want a number. Can you do that?


Balbulican said...

Well, let's see. Our conservative friends judge Obama's presidency a complete failure because in less than a year, he hasn't managed to end the Afghan War, restore lasting peace in the Middle East, repair the US Economy, and fully reform health and education - in brief, to repair eight years of damage wrought by Bush.

They gave Obama about a week of presidency before proclaiming him the worst in history. Same standard should apply, don't you think?

CC said...

If I recall correctly, they were already proclaiming that failure before he'd even been inaugurated. No sense wasting time.

Noni Mausa said...

I was wondering that just last week. Great* minds think alike, apparently.

I think it's just a matter that "the previous government" has gone from being a criticism to being a verbal tic, a kind of induced Tourette's syndrome in which Conservative boilerplate is inserted into Con-versation whether appropriate or not. There are more than a hundred sufferers now -- it's sad.



Gube said...

Come on CC, you know the answer to this one.
It will always be the Liberals' fault, unless it has a beneficial result. Then the Conservatives will stump, boast, and photo-op it to death.

wv: sewer. 'Nuff said.

Ti-Guy said...

To expand on what Gube said: When it comes to "Conservatives," it's always, always, always the other guy's fault. I've made that observation elsewhere many times. It's an element of the psychology that defines "Conservatism."

Unknown said...


A lot of folks on the left judge Obama's presidency a failure for exactly the same reasons. It sort of annoys me that some folks who I otherwise agree with seem to think he can just throw a switch and everything will be fine in a week or so.

ForestP said...

Should at least be acknowledged that Obama's economic appointments as president-elect did not bode well for future progressive acts, especially given that those he empowered (the Rubinites) were directly involved in the deregulation and crash of the system, and basically ended up with a 380$ billion give-away. Matt Taibbi has a great article on the timeline of this in the rolling stones and recently appeared on Bill Moyers too.

I just never gave him a chance even with all the progressive talk. System is just broken.

Lindsay Stewart said...

with majorities in both houses and presiding over the executive, the republicans are still calling the shots. oh, and rahm... failure in the making.