Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Steve Jankification of the Twatsy.

You just can't sneak anything by Mullet Boy:

Or it could be that I published the original article, let it sit for a while, went back, thought, "You know, that could be snarkier, I can do better than that." And changed it.

It's actually painful when you have to explain something that trivial. Check back later when I might have come up with a better punchline to this post.

AFTERSNARK: It's entertaining to hear Twatsy whinging on about a punchline quietly changing when his mentor, idol and role model Richard "NAMBLA" Evans, some months ago, vanished his entire blog. The whole thing. In its entirety. All of it. Without a trace. Racism, creepy child rape obsession, soft core porn and all.

No, I refuse to link over there; those of you who have less than fond memories of NAMBLA Dick know where his blog was, and if you've popped by there any time over the last several months, you know that it's been "Under Construction" this whole time.

So before Twatsy starts whinging on about memory holes, he might want to check in with his hero and sensei NAMBLA Dick and see whassup over there. It's just a thought. Then he can go give Sandy Crux the spanking she deserves.


KEvron said...

i rework my gagas all the time. it's how comdey's done.


KEvron said...

er, "gags"


Metro said...

Wow. He sees the difference between the two as somehow significant?

There must be a stupid factory somewhere churning out BTers. Their failure to master English is right up there with their failure to understand either of the terms "freedom of speech" or "civil discourse."

CC said...

Actually, Metro, Twatsy isn't a member of the BTs. I'm guessing even they couldn't tolerate someone that deranged.

Patrick Ross said...


So says the guy with a reputation for child-stalking.

CC said...

Uh oh ... looks like Twatsy's getting lonely over at the "Nexus of Nobody Reads Me" and wants some attention again.

Patrick Ross said...

Hmmm. Well, Robert, people worth writing for read my blog.

Unfortunately for you, you can't say the same.

I mean there's always the "intellectual pinnacle" that is liberal supporter. When he's not trying to discredit date rape victims I'm sure he's a swell guy.

CC said...

Ah, irony, from the guy who's the staunchest, most vocal defender in the Canadian blogosphere of Dick "Child rape amuses me" Evans.

You sure you want to go down that road, Twats? You sure you want to dredge up your long-time, ongoing, relentless defense of Richard "NAMBLA" Evans and put it on display? Are you sure?

I'm just asking.

By the way, Patrick, impersonate anyone else on the Intertoobz lately? I hear that's your latest hobby -- passing yourself off as someone else to smear their reputation. How's that working out for you?

P.S. Oh, and Patrick? We know exactly how many people read you. But feel free to post some Sitemeter stats one of these days. I promise I'll send over my readership to check them out. Then we'll compare.

Patrick Ross said...


Right. Because criticizing you for calling on your sycophants to stalk Evans' children is truly an atrocious act that I should consider embarrassing.

You're a moron.

As for impersonations, Robbie, if I were you I'd be more worried about what my predictable fallback position is going to be now that we've figured out that your readers really don't give a flying fuck about racism -- so long as it's coming from a "progressive".

Kind of takes that whole rhetorical stunt right away from you.

As for readers, Robbie, you can try to flaunt quantity over quality if you like. But I'll happily take Terry Glavin, Bruce Stewart, Muchacho Enfermo and company over Ti-Guy (the shemale), liberal supporter (a predictable sleaze) or Sparkles the Magical Retard any day of the week.

Just sayin'.

Seriously, dude. Enjoy your mid-life crisis. We both know what's up next for you.

CC said...

Twatsy intones ominously:

"Seriously, dude. Enjoy your mid-life crisis. We both know what's up next for you."

What? That you're going to encourage others to track me down and physically assault me like you did before? Jesus, Twatsy, that's getting old. At least come up with a new threat. Physical violence is so ... so ... yesterday.

Patrick Ross said...

Robbie, Robbie, Robbie.

That's a lie, and you know it. I've never encouraged anyone to assault you. In fact, I've discouraged people from assaulting you.

Not because I have any regard for you as a human being, but because you're simply beneath the effort.

Besides, I hate to see an elderly man cry.

But, then again, you're a liar, so no one expects you to ever admit to that.

CC said...

Lord, Patrick, but you're boring. Don't you have some intellectually deficient, screechy wingnuts to worship somewhere?

Oh, and as I've suggested before, if you're going to go to all that trouble to write post after post after post linking to me, could you at least try to develop a readership? I can always tell when you've blog-wise humped my leg again when I get *a* referral from your blog in my Sitemeter stats. *A* referral. Singular.

If you're going to keep screeching, it would be nice for me to get some decent hits out of it. I'm just sayin'.

Now be a good boy and go suck up to Dodo again. It's nice to see you've finally converged on your intellectual level.

Patrick Ross said...

Right, Robbie. Because I must have just forgotten that calling people stupid makes you smarter.

Did they run out of gin and tonic at the nursing home or something? Geez. Don't break a hip, old man.

I hate to see an elderly man cry. Really, I do.