Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Apparently, I will be in London (Ont) tomorrow, eating turducken. Life is perpetually exciting.

Wolverines! Turducken!

DETAILS: On this turducken thing, we will need details.


Unknown said...

Come on, man! Kick it up a notch!

David Webb said...

If I see someone rolling around on the sidewalk, grasping his belly in pain, I'll assume it's you.

Turducken in London. Really. I cannot get anyone to try that with me. I have to stop hanging out with fit people. They make me look fat. More fat I mean.

KEvron said...

nothing says the holidays like roast chimera. make sure to enjoy it with a box of your favorite wine.


M@ said...

A note on turducken terminology.

Unknown said...

I guess there's no better time for this cartoon, is there?