Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why does Rick Hillier hate the troops?

Once upon a time, I was told that having a publicly pessimistic and defeatist attitude was really, really, really bad for our troops. Uh oh:

One year to turn Afghanistan around, Hillier says

HALIFAX–Western forces have just over a year to turn around the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, or the decade-long military effort could be lost, Canada's former top soldier says...

"We've got one shot to do it," he said Saturday at a panel discussion on the future of the Afghan mission.

"If we haven't changed in 18 months then we will not change." ...

He said Canadians' knowledge of the country's effort in Afghanistan is limited to soldiers dying, the scourge of roadside bombs and corruption in the government of Hamid Karzai.

Thanks, Rick. I'll bet that little speech perked our soldiers right up. Nice job. Carry on.

: You know, once upon a time, setting an actual date for withdrawal was a terrible idea. Apparently, times have changed. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Funny how Hillier is now ready to say "we have to change this around"... while he was in charge it was nothing but we are winning... How convenient.

I blame the failure in Afghanistan in large part to Hillier being a total idiot and a liar (he did strong-arm Martin at the time).

This clusterfuck is his and the Conservatives to own.

Ti-Guy said...

Hillier isn't setting a deadline. He's establishing a horizon based on three Friedman Units. Which, as we all know, are followed by additional FU's.

That's just science.

thwap said...

Exactly right. Except 3 Friedman Units don't come around as fast as one.

Which makes 'em at least equally stupid and equally meaningless.

I hope Hiller and harper get to share a prison cell.

sooey said...

Looks like Afghanistan is getting in the way of Hillier's political ambitions. Karma's a bitch, eh?

The Seer said...

Dearest CC:

You are a courageous Canadian and, in my opinion, one of the most cynical people in the world. But, with respect, you don’t understand the military.

When General Hiller says we are going to “lose the war in Afghanistan” unless President Obama, “that wizard of wordsmithing, * * * put[s] his powers to good use in Ottawa[,]” scene of “a minority Parliament divided and [a] Conservative government indicating it is leaning toward a full military withdrawal from Kandahar,” he means that unless The Great White Hope does something, and soon, the Canadian Forces are going to lose their spot in the queue, which will be the most grievous defeat sustained by the Canadian Forces since they lost the battle to get in on the action in Vietnam, not to mention Iraq. The war in Afghanistan may not be much, but it’s the only war the Canadian Forces have, and if you give the amateurs in Ottawa their way, they will give the war in Afghanistan away to the Americans and the British.

Can't you feel his pain?

Gene Rayburn said...

Do you think The Seer gets naked and licks a gun late at night?

thwap said...