Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy day after your birthday, badass.

Yes, I suck for missing the actual day.

In my defence, I spent a total of 12 hours yesterday in proposal review and pricing meetings and was more than a little squirrelly by the time I got out. But I can totally make it up to my favourite ape cuz I’m in the process of getting the bestest present evah.

What is it you may ask? Why, just a little series called "Farscape" -- yes, that would be the entire box set.



Luna said...

Farscape is so awesome, my 3.5 year old was almost named Crighton. I mean, >< close. :) I decided it'd be cruel to name him something he'd have to spell to everyone and that would be misspelled by them anyway. Otherwise, he'd have been Crighton.

JJ said...

Happy belated birthday, psa!

Lindsay Stewart said...


My day-late thanks to the mighty LuLu in anticipation of teh goodies of nerdly joy! Spent yesterday shooting interviews at the CBC in Toronto, much hilarity.