Monday, November 30, 2009

Mother of God, the burning stupid.

Like his Blogging Tory colleagues, "Alberta Ardvark" is entirely unashamed to demonstrate his ignorance to the world. First, here's a simple screenshot:

It looks impressive, doesn't it? Link after link after link of devastating rebuttal ... until you actually check it out to learn that that entire list of points represents a single hyperlink. Here.

Yeah. That useful idiot.

If Ardvark had just linked to Kate McMillan, he could have saved everyone the trouble of wondering if he had anything useful to say.


Ti-Guy said...

Is there some significance to the misspelling of "aardvark?"

Dr.Dawg said...

That's how they spell it in Aalberta.

liberal supporter said...

No, his real name is Albert Aardvark. When written without spaces for a blog name, people saw it as Alberta Ardvark, and mocked him. So in true "yes I'm a redneck and I'm proud of it" fashion, he decided to exploit it.

Unknown said...

Alberta Tardvark is more like it.

sooey said...

Weird kind of journalism she's practicing.