Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nice career you got there.

Be a shame if someone put a bullet in it.


thebanana said...

Clearly Harpo andn his cronies are trying to avoid a trip to The Hague.

thwap said...

Well, the problem with that strategy is that by thwarting the Canadian justice system, harper et.al., are making a trip to The Hague MORE likely.

If Canadian nationals are guilty of war crimes and the national justice system is unable to deal with it, all it takes is for a citizen complaint to the ICC and those national figures become international outlaws.

The thing is, we have to do a root and branch assault on this culture. If those diplomats and bureaucrats stand together, and if parliament and the justice system do what's obvious, then ALL those harpercon fuckers will be IN JAIL and unable to exact their illegal vengeance.

We should bury those detestable scumbags and murderers with this. Destroy them as a viable political entity.

thebanana said...

It will likely take a Spanish judge to actually get any charges laid :)