Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh, dear, ...

... someone's nose is out of joint:

Charles said...

Balanced news coverage would have included a Jewish station, in addition to Al Jazeera. This error of omission creates only one perspective.

Quite so, Charles, since I can't begin to imagine where I'd find a pro-Israeli media outlet to even things out. I stand corrected.

Feel free to disembowel the rest of Charles' pathetic whining. Be polite. Or not. Whatever works.


Ti-Guy said...

I just love it when Americans wag their fingers at us for taking decisions they don't approve of.

Anyway, he's an idiot. It's not the CRTC's mandate to go out looking for services to sign up. If there's a Jewish equivalent of Al-Jazeera English (which, of course, there isn't), it can apply for a license with the CRTC as well.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, and the lecture on Holocaust denial: pretty pointless giving it to people who live in a country in which Holocaust denial is considered hate speech and is actionable.

CC said...

I think denying biological evolution should be illegal. I'm not holding my breath.

thwap said...

I hear there's a sliding pay-scale for Zionist fanboys who defend the State of Israel on the inter-tubes.

This guy is near the bottom I'll bet.

Metro said...


A quibble:
As far as I know, Holocaust denial isn't actually hate speech in and of itself.

Although people espousing it tend to have views that are in fact covered under hate speech laws.

Ernst Zundel was convicted under a law about news reporting, and Jim Keegstra lost his case not because he didn't have the right to spew Holocaust denialism, but because he didn't have the right to spew it in a classroom.