Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wow, Terry Glavin is a complete asshole.

Just listening to Rex Murphy interview Terry Glavin WRT the Afghan detainee fiasco. I thought no one could be a bigger asshole than Mark Steyn. I was wrong.


Ti-Guy said...

I just caught a bit of that. Some whiner from the disgraced Canadian Airborne Regiment was droning on about the good things Canada wants to do in Afghanistan, which of course implies we should let our government lie to us, because it's all for the good.

Yes...letting powerful, influential people lie to you is always a smart move and a stirring defence of democracy.

Let's send them all to Afghanistan.

thwap said...

Glavin has stuck his head so far up his ass that i can no longer hear him.

I like it that way.

Jonathan Colvin said...

For a so-called "leftwing intellectual" Glavin appears to have developed a mighty Hillieresque neo-con bent. Listening to his interview with Murphy, the message from the rant seemed to be "who cares if detainees get tortured, who cares if war crimes were committed, it's a disgrace to even talk about this when our brave soldiers are fighting scumbags". Then again, since his primary audience appears to be National Post readers, I'm sure it will go over well in Canwest HQ.