Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey, Stephen Taylor really IS proud.

Oh, man, this is adorable:

Yes, Stephen, your "brain child" that is the Blogging Tories. Who are you most proud of? White supremacist and rancid bigot Kate McMillan? The racist, violent death-obsessed "Neo Conservative?" Shrieky dingbats "Hunter" and "Dodo?" The rancid "Dr. Roy" Eappen? Raging weightlifter and mentally-unbalanced Justin Hoffer? The pudding-headed Christianity of Dick Ball? Pathologically dishonest Adrian "Raphael Alexander" MacNair? The excitable illiterates at The Politic? The creepy, gynecologically-obsessed Steve "Inspector Gadget" Janke? The Canadian Sentinel? JoJo?

Then there's your BTs' collective attitude of total cowardice when it comes to actual intellectual discourse. You know, the ruthless and relentless censorship of their comments sections whenever someone has the nerve to disagree with them.

Yes, Steve, there's a great deal there to be proud of. Especially, I think, "Neo Conservative." The next time you get the chance, I really think you should regale the crowd with hilarious, knee-slapping stories of black people getting murdered and how wickedly funny that is. I'm sure that would go over well.

I'd first make sure there were no black people in the audience, though. I've heard they have no sense of humour.


CK said...

Oh what a shameful bunch they are.

Like we say in good joual here in Quebec "Ils font ben dur!" Loosely translated, it means they're ugly, stupid; general loosers.

Come to think of it, if Stephen or his cohorts were to come across this post, they may think to go crawl and hide in some hole, someplace?

But no, ah yes! To be so proud.

I had another discovery this evening too. Another wingnut actually "knows how to use the internet" his words; not mine.

Happy Friday Evening!

Jon said...


That is completely unfair. I am quite calm in my illiteracy. I demand a retraction.