Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stephen Harper: Bending democracy over a kitchen table yet again.

And here's Stephen Harper, looking to fuck over democracy, accountability and transparency one more time. First, there's the setup:

David Mulroney was a senior adviser on Afghanistan at the time Colvin said he was sending his crucial reports and when he was told by superiors to stop producing written material on the issue.

Mulroney, now ambassador to China, said he wants to testify, because of the "very serious" allegations made last week.

"Some touched directly upon my work, that of my colleagues and of the government of Canada. I would welcome the opportunity to address these allegations and set the record straight."

Awesome. David Mulroney wants to testify. That's just super. And the committee seems more than happy to hear him, as long as they get a chance to prepare properly:

Some MPs have said Mulroney's appearance should be put off until they get ocuments from the government and can ask informed questions.

A perfectly reasonable proposal, unless you're the fecal smear that walks like a man, Stephen Harper:

But Harper dismissed that as "petty political games."

"I hope the committee, if it's serious, will hear testimony from all who want to testify," he said.

Not to be indelicate, but the committee should tell David Mulroney that they appreciate his co-operation and will be slotting him in as soon as it's convenient, and they should tell Stephen Harper that he can fuck off, go get a motel room with Dean Del Mastro, two albino trampolinists, a diseased goat and a case of Astroglide, and they'll call him if they need him.

I'm sorry ... you didn't really need that imagery, did you?


thwap said...

The opposition MPs on the committee responded:

"Listen blubber butt, you're not in any position to bargain here. Shut the fuck up and hand over those documents and then your wonder-boy can get a chance to try out his spin-job."

LuLu said...

Christ, CC, that kind of imagery is just wrong on about 9 different levels.

Now I'm off to find the melon baller.

pogge said...

you didn't really need that imagery, did you?

Especially when you forgot the chocolate syrup.