Monday, November 23, 2009

The subterfuginess of the Twatsy.

You're going to love this. No, seriously. Over here, Audrey II points out how pathological liar and fan of violent assault Patrick Ross has taken to impersonating other commenters -- particularly long-time CC commenter "Sparky."

As Audrey explains, there are two "Sparky" commenters:

And here's the payoff. That's right, kids ... that's Patrick, going after David Climenhaga, getting his panties yanked down in public and spanked soundly, then returning under his "Sparky" persona to resume the attack. This is apparently how honest, intellectual discourse works in Twatsy's world -- passing himself off as other people.

Stay classy, Twatsy. We wouldn't expect any less.

P.S. If Twatsy gets tired of passing himself off as Sparky, I suspect he will simply go back to being "mahmood."

OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD, this is priceless!!1!11!11! Now that he's been busted as the sleazy, dishonest twerp that he is, Ross has frantically edited the profile of that bogus account and changed the name on it from "Sparky" to "Patrick Ross," undoubtedly in the hope that he can now claim that it said "Patrick Ross" all along and that no one will notice.

Truly, the douchebaggery that keeps on giving. And giving. And giving ...


liberal supporter said...

I don't see why anyone is surprised at PR doing impersonations.

Ti-Guy said...

Related: White Christian terrorists explode IED's in Calgary.

Dr.Dawg said...

Good Christ, now I've seen it all. I've put up a post with due acknowledgement, CC. What a way to start the day. :)

Balbulican said...

It's an odd assertion - that impersonating someone else online isn't "lying", it's "subterfuge". Kinda like Shaidle protesting that calling Arabs "fucking violent retards" isn't racism, it's a "polemic".

Sparky said...

I personally love the term "subterfuginess"...
I know that I don't post as often at Ti or Kevvy--why Patrick took it upon himself to be me, I have no idea.
And I like to think that, over the years of posting in these here parts that I contributed a little to the discussion. But whatever anyone may think of my contributions, one thing they couldn't say is that I'm a racist or have posted racist crap anywhere.
Where Patrick ever got that idea from, I'll never know.

CC said...

It's never really clear what point Twatsy's trying to make, but his two major delusions are that he's:

a) clever

b) funny

He is, of course, sadly mistaken on both counts.

Oh, and that he's ethical. That's a pretty major delusion of his as well.

His *three* major delusions ...

Dr.Dawg said...

Four! Four delusions!

He's witty. He's funny. He's ethical. And he wins arguments!

Ti-Guy said...

and changed the name on it from "Sparky" to "Patrick Ross," undoubtedly in the hope that he can now claim that it said "Patrick Ross" all along and that no one will notice.

Unfortunately for him, changes like that aren't updated in the comments created under the previous screen name.

What a dope.