Sunday, November 29, 2009

When stupid wingnuts write stupidly.

Shorter Mark Steyn: "Thank God he was a Muslim; otherwise, I'd have nothing to write about."


Anonymous said...

Steyn is a racist that caters to Conservatives.

sooey said...

I note he doesn't argue that the array of Homeland Security measures restricting domestic freedoms haven't worked to protect Americans, even soldiers, from armed fanatics living and working in the U.S. And what about that line he has whenever Buddy Angry shoots up a school and kills lots of people - that Feminism is to blame for the boys and men not fighting back? Where is that line now? I mean, they were soldiers.

Mark Steyn is a one-dimensional nutcase. A real asshole. I believe I will up my "Boycott Macleans" campaign.

Metro said...

Macleans doesn't seem to have had space to print this bit:

"About the author:
Mark Steyn is a longtime racist, xenophobe, and attention whore. He lives in a singularly unpleasant world of his own invention and design."