Monday, November 30, 2009

Whatever keeps you off the streets and the neighbours' children safe, dear.

"Dodo" has a new project, which will see her responding to everyone's "Happy Holidays" with a "Piss off, you dirty Muslim!"

The delicious irony is that she calls out Zellers by name while, down in the lower right, she has a Google ad promoting -- you guessed it -- Zellers.

What do you call someone who is incapable of seeing even the most painfully obvious consequences of their ideas? A conservative.

: I'm sure Maria's friends are relieved that there's a good chance she won't be shopping at FoodBasics for her Christmas gifts. Maybe they'll get something classier than a 5-pack of 50% discount "Best before yesterday" Johnsonville Brats this year.

THE STUPID THAT KEEPS ON STUPIDING: It's hilarious that Maria is ready to go full-metal boycott harpy on Wal-Mart's ass when, only two days ago:

I'd point out the howling hypocrisy to Maria, but I'm guessing her only response would be a puzzled, "I don't get it. What's your point?"


Southern Quebec said...

In some countries in the world, people like Hunter and DoDo would be institutionalized. It's only because we are all so f*ing liberal that they walk the streets...

Metro said...

You sure Dodo isn't blogging from inside some institution? Maybe it's part of her recreational therapy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, praising Wal-mart...that's a low I never thought I'd see. I guess stripping workers of all benefits, forcing them to work off the clock with no pay, getting rid of lunch breaks, and building stores on Indian burial grounds is perfectly fine in Dodoland.