Monday, November 30, 2009

Stupid, mean leftards.

And the intellectual meltdown over at BloggingTory-Ville continues, with Brenda/"Hunter" getting just ... weird:

Get A Life Lefties! You Sick Little Trolls!

Because of the filthy language used by Liberal progressives, I have had to put my blog on comment moderation, again.

You know, if I was the "Liberal" Party of Canada, I might be giving Brenda a phone call right about now. Or having my lawyer do it for me. But I digress. The entertainment value starts to climb:

CAUTION! Profane language for one time only, to prove a point about lefties and their oh so progressive ideas about female Conservative bloggers.

So there's Brenda, a relentless censor of her own comments section, now violating her own principles and publishing alleged profanity to make a point. And here's where you should swallow your coffee and void your bladder first, to avoid any potential accidents:

Question is, should I be calling the police on this?

Yes, Brenda, you should, and please tape that call because I'm guessing it would go viral on YouTube within seconds:

"So, let me get this straight, ma'am. You have a blog. And you have a comments section on that blog. And you have complete and total control over who's allowed to comment there? And you want to report, um, anonymous people who left rude comments that you deliberately and explicitly allowed to be published? Do I have that right?"

Yeah, I'd want to hear that conversation. But, sadly (and almost unbelievably), Brenda gets even stupider:

When I put comment moderation on, the trolls yell about "freedom of speech" and how I am denying them their rights.

We have done no such thing. We have never denied Brenda's freedom to moderate or censor her blog any way she wishes. As she and so many of her other cowardly hypocritical BT colleagues like to say all the time, "My blog, my rules." Which is entirely true -- it's Brenda's blog and she can run it any way she wants, and no one I recall has ever denied that.

We do, however, have the right to accuse her of gross hypocrisy, as she ruthlessly quashes any dissent while bleating on about her love of "free speech." We have every right to make that accusation, and we have.

The rest of that post is similarly worthless, self-pitying tripe, capped by Justin "Raging Roids" Hoffer's comment concerning his intellectual superiority. Must be read to be believed.

P.S. Just in case you were curious, this is what happens when you try to engage Brenda in legitimate, intellectual discourse. It's not pretty.


Southern Quebec said...

Wow, a martyr...comparing herself with her hero SaWah...


Renee said...

I've never really understood these people who get all faint when they hear the word "fuck," or facsimiles thereof. I mean, honestly, what the hell? It seems to cause physical pain or something, but there are much worse words than an anglo-saxon monosyllable, in my opinion. Words like, oh, "torture" - recently in the news. Words like "infanticide" or "rape."

Call me crazy, but the word "bitch" really doesn't hold a candle to those things. These folks don't seem to even hear those other words, yet their sensitive, dog-like hearing picks up a hastily-uttered "shit" from a mile away and they run screeching in the opposite direction. I have no explanation for this.

Ti-Guy said...

I called her a cunt back in August just after she slammed down comment moderation because I knew it would bother her even if it didn't get posted (otherwise I never post there. Too many swarmings and wildings from right wing low-lifes). I see I was right. Months later, the word is still reverberating through her empty head. I'm not surprised she screen-capped it either. I'm sure she thinks it will be incriminating evidence when I get charged with the crime of calling someone a cunt.

I never understand how people like Hunter, who so easily see genocide, mass deception, moral degeneracy, wanton criminality etc. etc. in everything their political adversaries do and who lie about, defame and vilify them on a hourly basis become completely unhinged when it comes to swearing.

CC said...

What's particularly amusing, Renee, is how the female residents of Wankerville love to drone on and on about how they're so strong-willed, independent, no-nonsense and won't be intimidated by us uncivil lefties, but they're the first ones to the fainting couch at the first sign of intemperate language.

Wasn't it just last year that one of the Blogging Tory lesser lights -- Hunter or JoJo? -- had this stomach-churning paean to the inner strength of conservative women? (Anyone have a link to that?) And yet, what we see from that group is perpetual moaning and crying and whimpering and rushing to their men for protection.

Someone should tell them to grow up.

liberal supporter said...

I didn't even notice that post until today.
Any bets on whether this will ever get published there? The quoted comment was from "maryt" who is old enough to know better.

========= hunter November 30
Liberals prefer to have our troops killed by terrorists than to keep secret documents secret.

Who is the sick person again?

Why do you publish my response to that libelous lie, but not the lie itself? It is still there, buried in the comments where it occurred. If you want to pull my response to it out of context why do you not show the comment I was replying to?

Why? Because you are a liar and a fraud, that's why.

Congratulations, you're now in "neoconservative" territory.


Southern Quebec said...

It was Hunter...she is ALWAYS talking about "strong conservative women"!!!! Oh, Laureen Harper this, OH Laureen Harper that...blah, blah, blah...

WV: tedrogic

CC said...


You got a link to that quote by MaryT?

liberal supporter said...

It is in the thread here.
I don't know how to make a link to the actual comment, it doesn't seem to have a URL though I have seen others make URLs to specific comments. It has "id=c3426224983430014665", and timestamp Tuesday, November 24, 2009 5:55:00 PM.

CC said...


In order to copy a link to the comment itself, I believe you need to first browse the article in question. Then the comments follow below and have copyable links.

Like this.

liberal supporter said...

Hey thanks, CC! I knew there must be some way. I don't usually use that "article and comments view", but there the links be.

Ti-Guy said...

In order to copy a link to the comment itself, I believe you need to first browse the article in question. Then the comments follow below and have copyable links.

Oh, jeez...that's how you do it? I've been wondering why that wasn't possible for a long time. I rarely read the comments in browse mode since I prefer black text on white.

Like, duh.

Ti-Guy said...

Liberals prefer to have our troops killed by terrorists than to keep secret documents secret.

And of course, Hunter thinks that perfectly acceptable.

I'll stop using the c-word when they come up with something more offensive.