Monday, November 23, 2009

National Post editorial board: She had it coming, dressed like that.

In an amusing display of illogic, the editors at the Canada's National Toilet Wipe eventually get around to excoriating the Stephen Harper Party of Canada in the matter of l'affaire Colvin, but not before taking a delightfully cheap and irrelevant shot at the Liberals and Michael Ignatieff:

Not least, the Conservatives also could draw attention to the fact that the Liberal assault on their position is being led by foreign affairs critic Bob Rae. Why, one might ask, is the file not being personally handled by that internationally recognized expert on human rights, Michael Ignatieff? The obvious answer is that Mr. Ignatieff has in the past -- before his incarnation as a centre-left Canadian politician -- mused publicly about torture being an effective tool for extracting information from terrorists. This awkward fact tends to weaken his party's preferred air of self-righteousness.

And why not demonstrate your lack of ability for intellectual discourse by dragging in Ignatieff's awkward position in all of this, as if it was somehow relevant to, well, anything. Yes, this should have been Ignatieff's crusade, but he's painted himself into a very small corner with his writings on the subject of torture so he deserves every bit of his discomfiture, is that it, Post? Sort of like, "Sure, it's too bad what happened to her, but did you see the way she was dressed?"

Stay classy, Post. We expect no less.

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Metro said...

I'd be fine with them shredding Iggy on this. He's been invisible since the reports trickled forth.

But of course, speaking of his gross hypocrisy in a) speaking out and b) not speaking out would draw increased attention to the stinking mound of fetid garbage in which their own feet are shiftingly planted.