Friday, April 17, 2009

Shall we play?

You know the drill.

1) Favourite black comedy and why.

2) Favourite television show from your childhood and why.

3) And, just to change things up, favourite cookie.

Me first.

1) The oh-so delightful Fargo from the deliciously and intelligently bent Coen Brothers -- it’s the perfect blend of mayhem, murder and completely off-beat hilartity. And Frances McDormand is beyond perfect as Marge, the hugely pregnant and astonishingly smart police chief.

2) Get Smart -- for far too many reasons to possibly describe. While it’s not exactly from my childhood -- it was in repeats by the time I started watching it -- I was crazy about that show. I had the distinct pleasure of introducing my baby boy to it when it was playing on YTV a few years ago.

3) I'm going to cheat since I actually have 2 -- my Irish grandmother’s homemade molasses ginger cookies and my nonna's pizzelle. My granny's cookies are chewy and rich and more than a little bit addictive and the pizzelle are thin and crisp and the perfect accompaniment to gelato.

Hmmmm ... it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I think I might have to make a batch or three. ;-)

Your turn.


CC said...

I've seen Fargo. There are no black people in it. I checked.

liberal supporter said...

Meanwhile at hunter's that bastion of free speech, my last comment was deleted! I said "How silly you are, huntger" after she told SQ she will delete his comments if he is unable to prove a negative.


liberal supporter said...

except I didn't spell it "huntger". Maybe I should have...

LuLu said...

I'm sorry -- what exactly did the two of you not understand about playing?

liberal supporter said...

Oops, this was the top post and I thought my important off topic nonsense should go here. But I grow tired of "strong conservative women" elsewhere who think they are better than sliced bread. It's fun to poke them in their hypocrisies, but it's not the same as playing.

1) Dr. Strangelove - because it doesn't get blacker than the end of the world, but it was hilarious.

2) Batman - I was young enough that I thought it was serious, like the comics. Seeing reruns years later was hilarious.

3) Chocolate chip. It's not the best cookie, it's the ONLY cookie.

Cameron Campbell said...

1) Umm.. does Office Space count? Or else Heathers.

2) Hmm. Archie Bunker mb, though I was a big Fresh Prince of Belair fan

3) I'm torn.. my mom's recipe of "Melting Moments" was lovely... I can't make them right, chocolate chip cookies made with my son and wife and the New Zealand "yo-yo" (basically two dense sugar cookies verging on shortbread with icing holding them together).

ThinkingManNeil said...

1) Dr. Strangelove. The obsession with male sexuality, phallic symbolism, and deluded machismo along with the pure madness and insanity of the script and dialogue ("Mr. President, I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair mussed. But I do say no more than ten to twenty million killed, tops!. Depending on the breaks.") makes it so memorable. I try to watch it every time it's on.

2) Thunderbirds. I had no use for the "Supermarionation" gimmick but I was absolutely addicted to the amazing models of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and their creative team. Their remarkable, futuristic concepts for vehicles, aircaft, and spacecraft are what our present

3) Dad's Classic Oatmeal Cookies (before they removed the transfats which annoys me no end when it comes to cookies because it's not like you're eating the damn things 24/7. Now the new, healthier recipe just ain't quite the same.) And I'm compelled to cheat here too for my love of the classic, Canadian Buttertart - with raisins, naturally. A stack of Dad's cookies or a couple of BT's with a tall glass of very cold milk makes this lad very happy indeedy. :)


Sheena said...

I've been kinda busy, but I swear to God within the last 2 weeks both CC and Lulu promised to flounce off the blogosphere. Or did I miss something....

WV: regata

To sail away. NOT.

deBeauxOs said...

Kiss Me Stupid, with Kim Novak, Ray Walston and Dean Martin.

The Avengers - the first seasons with Diana Rigg. After she left, I lost interest.

Lime shortbreads - tart and succulent. A favourite and treasured recipe.

Nullig said...

1. Secretary - what's not to like about it. One of my favourite lines is when Lee's doctor, in talking about her masochism and self mutilation says, "You know, Lee. There's a long history of this in Catholicism."

2. Green Acres - my favourite episode was when Mr Douglas went to the county office to have the electricity turned on. When he gets there there are no clients, so he approaches the clerk at the desk and is told to "take a number". The last number called was in the 20's and the next number is 90 something. The clerk calls out each number in turn in typical bureaucratic fashion.

3. My wife's triple ginger cookies, made with powdered ginger, fresh ginger and candied ginger.

Dave said...

Choke - It doesn't get funnier or blacker.

Sea Hunt - Closely followed by "Flipper". What can I say? I became an oceanographer.

Chocolate Chip - You mean there may actually be other kinds of cookies? Are they republican kind of things?

Balbulican said...

1) The Ladykillers (the original, not the inexplicably awful Coen Brothers remake). Alec Guinness, Herbert Lom, Peter Sellers, vicious thugs pretending to be a Chamber Music Ensemle, and unable to murder sweet old Mrs. Wilberforce.

2) The Twilight Zone. Some of the best writing on TV.

3) Real Scottish Shortbread Cookies, from an old Ojibwe family recipe. It's kind of a black hole of butter.

Mike said...

1) Pulp Fiction (sorry, I thought it was funny)

2) Yes, as with Balb - Twilight Zone. Not just for the writing but for the imagination. It woke up this sleepy farm boy to ideas beyond getting drunk, getting laid and playing football.

3) My Grandmother Jones' homemade peanut butter cookies. I haven't had one since 1974 (and will never have one again since Grandma died in 1997). My wife makes good PB cookies, but nothing comes close to the original.

Beijing York said...

1) Harold and Maude2) Doctor in the House3) Not much of a cookie fan but I do like a decent shortbread cookie

agsharma said...

1) Burn After Reading

2) Battlestar galactica until the last episode when it went down the toilet.

3) Is there any beside chocolate chip?

KEvron said...

1) i absolutely love dark comedy, so picking just one is tough. got almost to the end of glengarry glen ross before i realized it was a comedy. i get funny looks from folks when i refer to lolita as a dark comedy. srangelove is more of a dark farce. tops, however, would have to go to network; getting darker all the time.

2) mary tyler moore show. chuckles the clown's eulogy is the funniest moment ever on television.

3) you mean chocolate chip, right?