Friday, April 17, 2009

Sure, let's talk about suicide, Kate.

Canada's Mostest Bestest Awesomest Blogger mocks the liberal MSM:

Journalistic suicide, in four easy steps.

Sure, what the hell, let's follow that link and see what Kate is fucking up spectacularly today:

When the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz reported that the Boston Globe-Democrat hadn't run a single story on the national "Boston Tea Party" movement (key word: Boston), I'll admit I was surprised. Their blatant political bias is obvious, and every rational reader knows their "news" coverage is driven by their politics. But not one story? From a journalistic standpoint, it's utterly indefensible...

To add ignorance to incompetence, the AP story spreads the canard that our Tea Party was part of some national Republican effort. They link it to FreedomWorks and the GOP--neither of whom had anything to do whatsoever with our event...though I'd be happy to send them the invoice for our expenses.

Yeah, the thought of that whole teabagging thing being driven by the political Right. Pshaw. Oh, wait:

In all seriousness, it's one thing for a news outlet to cover a political protest -- that's pretty logical. It's quite another for a news outlet to repeatedly encourage its viewers to attend a political protest. Far from practicing legitimate journalism, it's blatantly and unabashedly political.

[Glenn] Beck isn't just helping with turnout. Discussing his participation in the upcoming protest at the Alamo in San Antonio on his syndicated radio program, Beck announced, "I'm going to do a fundraiser for them" to help defray costs. "So you can come and you can have lunch with me. ... I don't know any of the details, but I've heard it's like $500 a plate or something like that." I'm guessing they won't be serving pizza with a price tag clocking in at 500 bones per ticket. The clown, on the other hand? I'm told Beck makes amazing balloon animals.

And maybe, Kate, some of the MSM got it just right, given that teabag day flopped with a resounding thud, even in the opinion of Canada's right-wing media.

Although, let's give Kate some credit -- when it comes to committing journalistic suicide, she knows of what she speaks.


The Seer said...

It really isn't that hard to understand the outrage felt by the teabaggers.

Remember when Iggy threatened to corral an unconstitutional coalition and overturn the will of the voters?

Fortunately, in Canada, cooler heads prevailed. In the US, Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party actually went through with their plans for their coop and immediately implemented the worst case scenario. Obama is no docile Clinton, trying to capture the middle ground. He is a conservative's worst nightmare. It's like Jack Layton emerged as the leader of the proposed unconstitutional coalition and became PM, while relegating the relatively innocuous Iggy to Defense Minister, or something like that. Christians everywhere have to feel for American conservatives.

P. S. Pleeze don't tell me about elections. Did technicalities of the election process make Hamass the legitimate government of the Gaza Strip?

Mike said...

I would like to announce that the the word verification for this was pousy.

How apropos.

Ti-Guy said...

The uppity redneck still soldiering away from her prairie buunker and telling the World what's what. What a trooper.