Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kate, for one, welcomes her new Republican overlords.

It's April 15, which means that a corporate-controlled, fake "grassroots" movement has already sent out the relevant talking points, and slavishly loyal and obedient, right-wing flunkies are doing their part.

I wish I had a job like Kate McMillan's. You know ... stenographer.


Mike said...

Good ole Kate. Taking a cheerleading position for something that even right-libertarians aren't falling for.

What an idiot.

Tired of it All said...

So, the right wingnuts are into teabagging, eh? Well, if that's the market they want to corner, they can be my guest.

What a bunch of ultra-maroons.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm sure even KKKate would admit she's only doing this because there's precious little else to do in that squalid hell hole called Deslisle.

Zorpheous said...

Man the comments over at SDA are just priceless, those guys are completely hopped up on crack or something.

Ti-Guy said...

No kidding. This was my favourite:

Historic times ,We are watching the right creating thier owm media.

Of course, the meth-fueled blither of "The Phantom" is always choice.

Intern. Them. All.

The Seer said...

Youse guys are just jealous cuz Canadian conservatives aren't a kewl as American conservatives!

wv: dingb