Sunday, April 19, 2009

The lack of awareness is truly breathtaking.

Blogging Tory Brian Lemon continues to write really, really uninformed idiocy:

Does Obama Have Any Idea What He Is Doing Here?

Could you imagine Bush (either) smiling with Saddam, Clinton with Milosovic, Reagan with Khomeini, Carter with Arafat (okay they were buddies), Kennedy with Castro, Eisenhower with Kruschchev, Truman with Toto [sic], Roosevelt with Hitler?

Oooooh, oooooooh ... can I play?

And that's why no one takes Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories seriously. Like that needed explaining.


Lindsay Stewart said...

Truman with Toto! What about poor Dorothy?

sooey said...

Maybe he means, normally an American government would have had a democratically elected good-for-the-country leader like that assassinated by now.

Southern Quebec said...

I think he means Tito? :)

thwap said...

I like how they imagine that these US monsters are somehow morally superior to people like Chavez or Castro.

Balbulican said...

"Roosevelt with Hitler?"

Gosh, and you'd certainly never get Roosevelt or Churchill sitting down with Stalin, would you?

Ti-Guy said...

These people drive me crazy. I never thought noble ideals could be transmitted in a manner that always strikes me as indescribably evil. "Democracy," "Freedom," "Family Values"...they all sound like the titles of horror movies now.

Nobility wielded by a conservative hypocrite is like a maniac with a loaded gun.

Cameron Campbell said...

What was Obama meant to do? He was in the room with this guy was he meant to run away from him?

Can you imagine the optics of that?

sooey said...

Phff. I'd say Chavez was the one to show civility.

Gawd I'm sick of propaganda about anyone who's not a puppet of the American government.

toujoursdan said...

As long as we're playing: How about Nixon and Mao:

State Department: Nixon visits ChinaYou know Mao: a communist who murdered 6 million people in the Cultural Revolution.