Saturday, April 25, 2009

Selective much, Hugh?

Blogging Tory Hugh MacIntyre is all about MPs trying to help their constituents (emphasis leg-humpingly added):

Ottawa Citizen attacks MP trying to help Revenue Canada victims

As my fellow Western Standard bloggers posted here and here, an innocent family has been made victims of a Revenue Canada tax error.

There is another interesting twist on this story. The family’s MP is a Conservative named Dick Harris. He doing what he can to help the family by using what political leverage he has to support the family’s case. This is exactly what a Member of Parliament is supposed to be doing and I congratulate Mr. Harris for attacking the problem with such energy.

Curiously, Mr. MacIntyre didn't have much to say when Brenda Martin was looking for help. But Conservative MP Rick Norlock certainly had an opinion or two on the matter:

Norlock is the MP for Northumberland Quinte West, which includes Trenton.

When he was approached by a Canwest News Service reporter in February 2007 for the first story about Martin’s imprisonment, he told the reporter he had reviewed her file and said she belonged in prison.

He then abruptly hung up and did not return subsequent calls.

I await Mr. MacIntyre's scathing denunciation of Mr. Norlock any minute now.


sooey said...

So, does that mean we're ALL guilty of funding a terrorist organization now?

Hugh MacIntyre said...

Ha! You crack me up, man, you really do.

Sooey, good point. It is against the law not to pay taxes but if you pay taxes you are funding a terrorist organization which is against the law. Intersting dilemna...