Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Canada:

You suck:

No doubt this will have some repercussions from the progressive community. After all, as we all know and realize, Canada doesn’t have any values or culture worth recognizing.

Well, not since 2006.


thwap said...

What a badly written piece. I had no idea what he was yammering about by the end of it.

But he's not very bright. And he's a chauvinist. And if he's trying to talk about values, he should take a 10 year rememdial course in them.

We don't subject Canadian citizens to torture. We don't racially profile. We don't believe in "secret evidence" and "indefinite detention."

At the moment it would all fly right over the top of "Raphael's" potato-sack of a head.

Ti-Guy said...

Every time I see the word "values" these days, I want to throw up. These people are not talking about values, they're passing judgement with regard to a set of standards they themselves don't live up to.

That fraud Raphael Alexander being a case in point.

Balbulican said...

Raph, Right Girl and La Shaidle have all been remarkably forthright in their contempt for Canada.

It's odd that none of them adopt the obvious solution - a win-win situation all around.

mikmik said...

Seems like a wee bit of a propaganda blitz against Canada, eh? First came Fox News.
Some conservative americans feel so threatened when other countries differ. Remember when the US was tanking in world opinion and France was seen as the moral and democratic leader of the world. There was all sorts of anti-France crap infiltrating the chicken-shit neo-cons talking points, now it is Canada's economy being more solid.
Anything, that by comparison, makes the US look bad, gets slandered.

Look at it as a huge compliment. Pointing this shit out to the idiots really get's them going, haha.

Rev.Paperboy said...

the comments are priceless - Weiner Prattles seems to think that citizenship involves a dress code.