Friday, April 24, 2009

And when I say "die," don't think "metaphor."

Shorter Blogging Tory Darcey Jerrom: "Hope you die you bastards, hope you die."

Oh, wait, I'm sorry, that was actually verbatim. My bad.

AFTERSNARK: I will leave it to my readers to imagine the relentless, hysterical shrieking from the Right if a "progressive" had written something similarly hard-hearted and uncompassionate.

Stephen Harper's Blogging Tories: Always happy to lecture you on bloggy etiquette and civility, when they're not hoping that you die.

BY THE WAY, I'd take a screen cap of that post of Darcey's if I were you, since his blog has a tendency to "disappear" embarrassing posts that were produced in the heat of the moment. Remember this? Yeah, I'm sure you do.

And yet, if you follow that link to the original piece over at "Dust My Broom," well, whoops:

Yeah, that's the sort of thing that happens when you think you're being witty and clever, until people point out that, actually, you're kinda promoting beating the living shit out of women.

P.S. If I was a member of Darcey's family, I might keep the number of the local domestic violence shelter on speed dial. I'm just sayin'.

Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor must be so terribly, terribly proud.


Mike said...


I think Darcey has, in all seriousness, some mental health issues.

No joking - that kind of thing is over the top, even for a BT.

I think he needs to seek some help. He is either going to off himself or kill someone else.

M@ said...

Gee, Mike, it's not like there's any precedent for that, is there?

Nah. Probably it's the gays' fault again.

thwap said...

In case it's deleted, I'll share my comment there with yeez:


"'but then again everything they say is asshole'


You've really lost it haven't you? The very idea of sputtering, incoherent rage.

You sir, are a hypocrite and a cretin.

And don't worry sport, we ALL die in the end. Them, me, you and all your stupid friends. Patience m'boy! Patience!

(tee-hee! dipshit!)"

This Is Me Posting said...

Pieces of shit bitch about nothing but then again everything they say is asshole.Why on Earth hasn't someone made this into a t-shirt yet?

I nominate it for sentence of the year.

M@ said...

I nominate it for sentence of the year.Seconded.

Mike said...

I nominate it for sentence of the yearIndeed

Dr.Dawg said...

Mudfortunate, unand thruw, as one of his colleagues might advise him. You've got my vote. Sentence of the year for sure.

wv="consif." I'm not even going there.

This Is Me Posting said...

I really like this one too:

[...] and promote social justice which is just another word for communism.
That's pretty classic right there.

M@ said...

That's pretty classic right there.I can play too!

... and promote social injustice which is just another word for neo-conservatism.

Dr.Dawg said...

Screenshot made--tx for the reminder.

Somena Woman said...

Aw leave darcey alone. He's one of the good guys - and he doesn't make a career out of the kind of crap that is the fodder for you guys...

Remember - he was the only right-wing blogger to report on what happened with the Merle Terlesky thing and Ezra Levant.

He's got his ups and downs. We all do. He's a heckuva nice guy. Maybe he just had a really really bad day. It can happen to anyone.

KEvron said...

"He's a heckuva nice guy."

hope you die, somena woman. hope you die.


Somena Woman said...

Kev - see, when you say it... it's funny!

Really! I just snorted diet c+orange soda out my nose reading that.

Of all the creeps in blogdom - I don't think (with the exception of the contretemps with Dawg) I've ever seen Darcey get up on a hoity-toity high-horse.

Sure - he gets mad about stuff an flies off the handle - but then he calms down. And it's rare to see him this angry about something.

On the whole I like reading him. I don't agree with him on much -- but he's a nice guy.

Ti-Guy (not to put too fine a point on it talks about internment camps for those he dislikes) I take as a sardonic thing...

I think this "die.. evil people die" thing is perhaps equivelent but with less tongue in cheek...

If I really thought Ti-Guy was deadly serious about that... I wouldn't love reading him as much as I do...

It's not the same as McMillan's "Lock up the Indian kids and advocates" -- which after repeated questioning... and repeated affirmation -- it was shown that the bitch WAS serious - and her internment comments were not any kind of a joke. Believe me... I would have dropped the whole thing years ago if I had thought there was SOME element of humour in what she was saying.

I just don't see Darcey in the same catagory as say...Adam Yoshida or Neo, or Twatsy, or Kathy.. or.... fuck... I could just go on and on.. and on...
But I'll stop now. Y'all know what and who I'm talkin' bout.

I hope.

I think he will disapear that post -- and good for him if he does... or qualifies his statements...

I felt like blogging something closely resembling that today when I was going over the torture news and listening to all the re-thug-licans rationalizing it and justifying it.

But I didn't - because I had nothing interesting to say - except that I hope all those assholes out promoting torture would die puking and bleeding out of every orifice.... I was really angry.. still am. But I didn't have a bad day.. so I just (until now) kept it to myself.

I'm sure most of us have had the experience of being so angry about something that we can barely speak intelligibly about it...The only difference is -most of us wait till we calm down to write about it.

Sorry.. I know this is long.
I do apologize

KEvron said...

glad you laughed, sw. and glad you got the point.

i don't know him as well as you do. when someone goes to that length to fabricate a reason to say "die!", i have to hold that in pretty strong judgement of him. i don't think he really wants them to die, but he does want to inflict anguish on those of us who disagree with him. he may be very charming, but it appears he can be just as ugly.

he's not very clever, that's for sure, and his pals are complete nitwits.


Somena Woman said...


I only read his posts on the broom. It's better for my blood pressure that way

Ti-Guy said...

If I really thought Ti-Guy was deadly serious about that... I wouldn't love reading him as much as I do...

What makes you think I'm not serious about that?

I don't care for the low element Dust My Broom attracts. I don't like the fact that these right bloggers refuse to challenge/mentor the people who are motivated to listen to what they have to say and I particularly don't like the pile-ons they allow to go on when a real dissenter shows up. For all those reason, I relegate those people to the sectary I believe constitutes a potential danger and feel no real obligation to try and understand them more completely.

I save my sympathy and understanding for people who really need it.

sooey said...

I only ever check out Kathy Shaidle's blog - BECAUSE she doesn't have comments.

I find it interesting to read views that are the polar opposite of my own but I just can't resist taking a peak at a comments section and then I have trouble sleeping at night - so I stay away from them now.

Somena Woman said...

Why dont I think you are serious Ti-Guy?

Because the kinds of things that would make a society have internment camps are all the things that you oppose.

The internment camp rhetoric is either just as freaky and weird as the eliminationist rhetoric...

What would you propose would happen to the people in your imagined internment camps Ti-guy?

Let's play with the fantasy abit.

Would it be like a nazi, or stalinist, or maoist kind of internment? Like the internment of Japanese in Canada and US during the war?

Seriously... let's really go to town - and you tell everybody exactly what you really would do to these people if you had the power to do so?

I'm serious. I'd really like to know. Somehow - I doubt you are talking about setting up death camps... or maybe You are.

Let's go one step past the rhetoric.

Ti-Guy said...

The internment camp rhetoric is either just as freaky and weird as the eliminationist rhetoric... It's the lesser evil, as it were.

And I'll continue to support it until a few of the leaders of these authoritarian followers are meted out the justice they so richly deserve. We put Conrad Black behind bars; let's keep going.

Somena Woman said...

There is a pretty big difference between internment camps and where Conrad Black is blogging from - don't you think?

By all mean - I'd like to see the Re-thug-licans responsible for lying their country into war, authorizing torture, and destroying the constitution should go to prison. You'll get no argument from me on that.

But isn't prison - for violating laws and destroying the rule of law different than "internment camps"

If what's happened to Lord Black is what you are advocating then by all means... it doesn't sound the same though...and it' a little confusing.

I tend to think the CPOC has reached it's peak of political control and support a few months ago and it will be all down hill from now on

Keep watching those poll numbers slip sliding away

Ultimately the CPOC is going to destroy itself - maybe as badly as Mulroney did to the Tories 15 years ago...

And when that happens wont it be fun to watch the Snogging Bories running around impotently screaming into the ether?

I'm more looking forward to that - than anything even closely resembling the "Lock em all up" thing.

If the people you want to see locked up aren't in fact criminals - it would turn them into martyrs...

Who would want that going on?

Come on... you aren't a totalitarian. I know that. You are far to bright, progressive and perhaps most importantly, your sense of empathy and compassion for people is fully functional...

Unlike some people...

wv: Ocult

Ti-Guy said...

You can sing Kumbaya in front of these people all you want. I prefer to appear menacing because that's the only message that sinks in with the wingnuts. They are otherwise unreachable and unteachable.

Somena Woman said...

I am very selective about who I am friends with Ti-Guy.

There's reasons I like Darcey. There's reasons I like you.

Some of those reasons for both of you are the same. Even if neither of you can see it. I can.

Stay Cool Ti-Guy.