Saturday, April 18, 2009

When stupid Conservative pundits punditize.

The University of Calgary's Tom Flanagan does his "Hunter" impersonation:

Mr. Ignatieff can't force an election by himself. He needs the votes of the New Democrats and the Bloc Québécois to defeat the Conservatives on a vote of no-confidence.

Yes, that's true. Therefore?

In other words, he has to reactivate the coalition with the socialists and separatists against which Canadians reacted so strongly last fall.


The U of Calgary must be so proud. I hear that, some day, they'd like to be a real university.


Balbulican said...

I enjoyed Mr. Flanagan's parrot like repetition of the phrase "socialists and separatists", joining those intellectual titans John Baird and Pierre Polievre. The folks who've been claiming he's anythin more than a Conservative mouthpiece are now, hopefully disabused.

sooey said...

Only Reformers would think Thomas Flanagan clever. You know, because they're pretty much a mob of stupid thugs.

Adam C said...

The Conservatives are currently in a coalition with the BQ! Don't look at me, Flanagan said it.