Monday, April 27, 2009

"Blowback?" I know not of what you speak.

Shorter Blogging Tory Paul E. Marek: "I am so all about the torture, even though I have a son serving in the military who might be captured and similarly tortured, but it's never occurred to me that those two things might possibly be connected because I'm, well, an idiot."


Gene Rayburn said...

I there any way Cosmic Paul can be the one being tortured? I think that might enhance his viewpoint a bit.

thwap said...

My comment there:

"What a moronic post.

You know, you think the same way Osama bin Laden does. He justified 9-11 on the brutalization of the Palestinians and the half-million Iraqi children killed due to US & UK enforced UN sanctions.

I suspect everything I've just typed will fly right over your tiny head.

Cameron Campbell said...

So I just wanted to paste these here in the off chance that Papa Junkers discovers some sort of conscience.

I said the following over there:

@MAS1916: Yes. Let's. Let's arrest and try everyone involved. K? I love how you think that just because you think of the law as a sliding scale that moves based on partisan politics that everyone does.

@Nicola: Yes, because telling the terrorists that they are going to be nearly drowned, electrocuted and smashed repeatedly off a wall will render those horrors less effective.

Paul, it occurs to me as a man who's child is in the military you'd be quite concerned about the whole no torture thing...

Ah well, the rule of law conservatives...
To which Paul responded:

Cam: Actually, I'm more concerned about the survival of my civilization and happy that up and until now it hasn't been up to liberals and "progressives" to secure it.

I suppose though, that you are one of those types who wouldn't even utilize something like water-boarding to save his wife or child.

I can see it now ... the police catch one of the members of a child porn ring who has taken Cameron's 5 year old child ... the police want to use "coercive" procedures to find out where the child is ... Cameron though, being of the more sophisticated and sanguine liberal type launches into high dudgeon, excoriating the police for even thinking the thought. Cameron would rather have his daughter raped for video, than ever defile his lily white liberal hands with something as beastly as water-boarding or sleep deprivation ... or heaven forbid, be made to stand naked in a cold room. Cam’s dear wife, so proud of her hubby’s liberal clarity, would soon forget about her child and live happily ever after.

(actually, she'd divorce him and hate him until her dying day)

Yippee for you Cam, it must feel so uncontaminated to be a eunuch.

As far as my son, you’re not fit to smell his socks as he’s already voluntarily endured more in training than you would subject a captured terrorist to ... but I’ll at least trust you respect the fact that he stands between you and the barbarians and would freely give his life so that you can continue to spin whatever beliefs you wish.
Paul | Homepage | 04.27.09 - 11:54 pm | #
I also replied to that.. but it's long and I've already taken up a lot of thread here...

I wonder, is this some of that conservative civility I hear about?