Sunday, April 19, 2009

You keep using that word.

Shorter Susie All-Caps: Everyone who disagrees with me is a complete hypocrite because I say so. Seriously.

Here's what I find hypocritical ... the fact that SUZANNE always feels the need to edit only certain comments (here and here) but lets “ken” say whatever he wants, no matter how misogynistic it might be. Don't believe me? Behold, “ken” and his oh-so deep thoughts on the plight of Afghani women.

I understand that most of the women over there are quite happy in their role as a female. It's only a handful of frustrated feminists who are making the headlines.
Hmmm. It sounds like what happened in Canada.

As God is my witness, I have no idea where to go with that.


deBeauxOs said...

As jj comments here, it appears that whenever women blog or comment about the reality of women's choices regarding pregnancy, HER response is a shit-storm of fundamentalist religious propaganda.

sooey said...

I bet Suzanne IS Ken.

Red Tory said...

Who is this "Ken" person and why does anyone give a shit what he/she thinks about anything? I think it's hilarious that when asked to back up his fact-free assertion (that he stands behind 100%), he then demands that the other person prove that he's wrong. Typical wingnut logic.

Don't wrestle with pigs. That's all I've got to say about this.

sooey said...

Aw c'mon. You're doing that thing internet commenters do just because it doesn't happen to be them doing the pig wrestling.

But seriously, I bet Suzanne is Ken. I mean, what kind of anti-choicer would really want to bring freedom to the women of Afghanistan?

Ti-Guy said...

Boy, with all those redactions, that comment section looks like a recently de-classified document. La Nitouche is slapping down the ruler quite forcefully. That's hawwt!She's nuts, you know. I came to that conclusion when I saw to what length she'll go to define concepts and terms in any way she thinks is necessary.

sooey said...

She should work for the government.

Ti-Guy said...

She should be institutionalised.

Cameron Campbell said...

I just posted over there.. I'm curious to see what happens to my comment.

This is what I said, notice that I worked very very hard to make sure I didn't break any of the sliding scale rules over at her star chamber.

"Gigi, the best is guys who describe parenting as "baby sitting"..

As to the suggestion that someone do a poll, I'd laugh if it wasn't being suggested seriously.

In the regions of the country that you're talking about the women can't talk to a man who is not a relative without another man who is present. Poof: all validity of the poll gone

So, the answer would be to get a woman to do the poll right? Except that in the regions of the country that you're talking about the woman conducting the poll would probably be assaulted/killed (at worst) or barred from talking to the women she wants to speak with, or the male relatives would demand to be in the room. Poof: all validity of the poll gone.

So then the answer is female pollsters, with female NATO troops forcing the poll to be done at gun point... do I need to say it? Yeah, why not. Poof: all validity of the poll gone.

Also, Suzanne, your concept of feminism is trapped in second or third wave (depending on how you count) and isn't grounded in anything resembling reality. Your comments about academia and feminism, similarly are sweeping and filled with so much generalization that they are laughable.

Your entire view of feminism is based on looking at outlier/extremists.

It would be like my saying "some neo-Nazi's vote for the CPC and are against abortions, ergo all CPC supports and anti-choice people are Nazi's". I'd be wrong and so are you.

Also, just so we can all be clear here, just about every variety of debate known to human kind works like this:

Ken says such and such

Someone else says "That's nuts Ken, prove that"

Then Ken has to come up with proof.

Not this "nyah nyah nyah prove I'm wrong you bad femminazi" foolishness that you're letting ken get away with.

Two final thoughts: you delete comments that are insulting and contain vulgar language and yet you continue to let stand (and make yourself) broad, sweeping, incredibly insulting comments about huge swaths of society? Again, it would be laughable if you weren't doing it seriously.

Finally, you deride the people speaking on behalf of the Afghani women as feminists etc etc, how do you feel about suffragettes? The Canadian women who fought to have women declared people under Canadian law? Do you dismiss them as well? Because that's what the dread Afghani femminists are fighting for. The right to not be owned as property, to vote, to choose whatever life/career path one wants.. to not be murdered for the high crime of being raped.

People like you, who reap the benefits of the women's movement all the while mocking it are the very definition of ungrateful.

Shame. "

The Artful Nudger said...

I took a shot at Ken back in March. That boy in a man's body is a real piece of work.