Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fire the Pope

Evidently the opinions of people that aren't insane have hurt the feelings of the world's biggest, richest cult. Ayatollah Ratzinger and his band of deviant monsters aren't going to sit idly by while rational folk opine.

The Vatican on Friday denounced the criticisms of the pope's comments about condoms and AIDS during his trip to Africa...

Hear that sane people, you've been denounced by the crinolined douchelords of pompous piety. They denounce your criticisms, fie on you and your temerity. How dare you question the infallible wisdom of Benny the Rat? You are denounced! Funny how these priggish choirfuckers couldn't find it in their raisin-like hearts to denounce the pedophile rapists in their midst or the Brazilian creep that raped and impregnated his preteen daughter.

...saying they marked an unprecedented attempt to intimidate him into silence.

Awww. Poor little poopsie is gonna stamp his little red slippers and cry into the cuffs of one of his embroidered moo-moos. But he's a tough old bit of ambulatory excrement. So he fired up the steam engines of rebuttal and his automatons set to their grim work of denunciation. And p.r. spin. That too. And all this because Ratso has been busy practicing his unique brand of sexual terrorism and disinformation on a vulnerable and suffering population.

Pope Benedict XVI said last month that condoms weren't the answer to Africa's AIDS epidemic and could make the problem worse.

What a disingenuous little shit. Insisting that condoms are a bad idea is to willfully endanger the lives of thousands upon thousands of people at risk. Regardless of what emerges from his lying mouth, abstinence doesn't work. People are going to fuck because fucking is natural biology at work. These twisted fools might live in a fantasy land that denies nature but the rest of the planet is eating, sleeping, shitting and fucking. All the damn time. The rest of the planet doesn't live in a private city/palace. This medically ignorant papal potentate and his priests are divorced from nature and humanity. The very last people to be getting birth control and sexual education from is a pack of celibate old men wearing ugly dresses.

France, Germany, the UN AIDS-fighting agency as well as the British medical journal The Lancet criticized the comments as irresponsible and dangerous. The Belgian parliament passed a resolution calling them "unacceptable" and demanding that the government officially protest.
Belgium's ambassador to the Holy See lodged the formal protest April 15

My hat is off to the good people of Belgium and their parliamentarians. Would that the Canadian government had a shred of the wisdom or courage that our European friends have shown.

Criticizing the Belgian vote, the Vatican said it deplored "the fact that a parliamentary assembly should have thought it appropriate to criticize the Holy Father on the basis of an isolated extract from an interview, separated from its context."

Yet it is somehow appropriate for a fantasy peddler to offer medical advice. Render unto Caesar and shut your beer holes motherfuckers. How much context is required when the prince of misogyny rolls through in his bubble car spouting the standard idiocy? If nothing else these antisexual spite merchants are consistent in their ignorance and haughtiness. Fact is that wiser persons are criticizing the so called holy father for being a mindless fool whose antiquated fuss will directly imperil the vulnerable. Pope big mouth and his blessed stupidity will literally kill people. It is the duty of decent people to respond to such malicious ravings.

It said the remarks had been "used by some groups with a clear intent to intimidate, as if to dissuade the Pope from expressing himself on certain themes of obvious moral relevance and from teaching the Church's doctrine."

Would that it were so easy. A few retorts to the obvious failure of conscience that is church doctrine and Ratboy shuts his gob. Hah. The dude has a private city state, untold billions of dollars of real estate and plundered treasure and an international network of black cloaked lackies. I doubt he feels the least bit intimidated. After all, he's the pope and god whispers sweet doctrine in his wrinkled little ear but hey, it would be really nice if the old coot did refrain from exercising his jaw on issues he knows less than nothing about. The catholic church isn't exactly a beacon of moral purity and I can think of few less relevant voices when it comes to issues of sexual health and disease control. Hell, when it comes to silencing and intimidation how can a mere parliament compete with an extra-national cult that threatens eternal hellfire, suffering and damnation to the majority of the world's population?

In its statement, the Vatican decried what it said was an "unprecedented media campaign" in Europe that was unleashed by the pope's remarks about condoms, while ignoring Benedict's fuller message about the need to care for those suffering from AIDS.

Well isn't that special but not unpredictable. Spiritual vultures prey on the weak and the ill. So by preventing prevention, Ratso insures a steady supply of suffering. And suffering is what Benny and his church are all about, their ilk feed on suffering. That "unprecedented campaign" is long overdue and here's hoping that it continues and expands. Religious extremists are the authors of a millennia worth of bloodshed and it is high time that humanity was freed of the bonds of the intolerance and brutal ignorance that the world's major religions espouse. Yes, yes the people within the various churches do do much good but that is more than over balanced by the harm that rodents and moral vermin like Benny are responsible for.


Balbulican said...

I personally always turn for sexual advice for elderly, celibate male virgins who wear dresses, big weird hats and funky necklaces to work. Doesn't everyone?

CC said...

Why the fuck any self-respecting country has an official ambassador to the Holy See is beyond me.

deBeauxOs said...

Not content to limit their irrelevance to the pomp of their pageantry, the Pope and and his goon squad persist in the dissemination of doctrine and dogma that was incubated by Catholic Church royalty during medieval times.

It somehow escapes their notice that in the name of fundamentalist religious ideology, the Vatican has, over the centuries, caused more suffering and deaths than the worst tyrants and dictators of the twentieth century.

sassy said...

Hear hear!!!

JJ said...

Ah, what a fine rant, psa. That got my day off to a good start.

wv: vattr

sooey said...

Heheh - third line from the bottom you say "do do", psa.

But seriously, why won't Catholics just be Anglicans? That'd learn the Pope.

s said...

psa: Seriously, get some help.

sooey said...

Church people who perform actual charitable works don't do it because of the Church, they do it because they believe in Christ's message. You don't need a proviso, psa.

Ti-Guy said...

psa: Seriously, get some help.Oh c'mon. We're just one more rant away from a Catholic Reformation.

KEvron said...

"a Catholic Reformation"

god forbid.


LuLu said...

s: Seriously, fuck off.

Ti-Guy said...

god forbid.No kidding. The Catholic Church is more than happy to see churches close all over Canada rather than think of its own survival or relevance. Tant pis.

I'm doing my best though. I send my rants directly to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Papal Nuncio. Although I know it's pointless, I find the challenge of figuring out how to translate "patriarchal fascist," "kid-touching pervert" and "emotionally-stunted closet-case" into Latin to be intellectually stimulating.

Chimera said...

"...third line from the bottom you say "do do", psa."It's gramatically correct, sooey.

Seriously, I just asked my Catholic mate/partner/spouse/BFF, "What makes the Catholic Church any different from any other terrorist organization?"

And the answer I got was, "Well, when they waterboard you, they call it baptism."

WV: fistr!

sooey said...

Grammar? I was talking about saying do do in public.

I'm not Catholic so to me Catholicism just seems like a cult of the willing - but with a "Hotel California" thing going on.

KEvron said...

"I'm not Catholic so to me Catholicism just seems like a cult of the willing"not familiar with the jesuits then.

KEvron, atheist catholic