Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shriek! SHRIEK!! SHRIEK!!!

Blogging Tory Darryl Wolk, like so many of his BT colleagues, engages in a paroxysm of panty-tugging and hyper-ventilating:

Ignatieff admits he will raise taxes

Now that Ignatieff is revealing some of his policies, it is clear what the alternative is. Higher taxes, potential carbon tax and billions in new program spending. Clearly not the solution during these economic times.

Quite so, Darryl ... possibly raising taxes to cope with a multi-billion-dollar deficit? What outrageous silliness. Not even remotely as appealing as the Stephen Harper plan, which is to give every Canadian a magic Rainbow Sparkle pony that eats plastic bags and poops gold. That's a much better plan.


Zorpheous said...

Listening to these twits is just so trying at times,... Cath asks me why I astronomy,... even among the universe's chaos and destruction there is calm tranquility to it.

Want to get a new tube this year,... nothing expensive just enough to grab some mag 8 or mag 9 objects and something I can hook up to my Nikon for photographs,...

Hmmmm,... there was this nice little 3" Newtonian that sells for less than $100.00,...

mikmik said...

Yeah?! Good price. - telescope

In any event, clearly, denying any problem is the course of action. Then stand corrected when every single person - except the blogging tories - realizes the economy is not in great shape. Run a deficit, fuck around with abtuse spending promises, what deficit?

Plausible deniability works on wanks, reality doesn't even dent their fucking thick skulls.

liberal supporter said...

I heard this on the local fright wing talk station. The "happy capitalism" guy said Ignatieff is being honest. He said it would be better to reduce spending, but noted that nobody who has come to power promising to reduce spending has actually done so to the degree that would be needed.

It seems that slowly but surely, the CPC is being stripped of the silent reasonable people who are abandoning it to the Reformicans.

Renee said...

They said the pony was coming but it would be late because our MP has used up his 10%ers for this year already.